Thursday, December 18, 2008

Walking in a Winter Wonderland!

Yesterday we totally got ripped off in the snow department so I was very happy to wake up this morning and find snow outside. It was only a trace, but around 11am it started to snow and it kept snowing until 4pm! I love watching the snow fall. After lunch we decided to suit up and take the boys out for a walk. It was very short walk though because with the snow came a lot of wind.

I had Jack wrapped up in his snowsuit and he was in the Moby wrap and my jacket was zipped up around him. He was definitely snug as a bug!

Owen got to hitch a ride in the wagon, but I think he might have enjoyed walking more. He just sat there and looked sad most of the time. It could have been because we went out right before nap time so he was pretty tired.

I took this picture of Jack while I was still wearing him in the Moby Wrap. He has such beautiful eyes. I hope they stay blue!!!

After we got home I took Jack out of the Moby Wrap, but I just let him hang out in his snowsuit a little longer. Michael told me to take a picture because he looks like the little baby from the movie Cone Heads!


Lisa said...

GREAT PICTURES - kids just love the snow and I love those smiles!!