Tuesday, November 1, 2011

Halloween Alternating Titled....The Things We Do For Our Kids!!!

Buzz Lightyear...To Infinity & Beyond!!!!

I ended up adhering Jack's wings with Velcro. I got the sticky kind so it stuck to the cardboard wings and then I stuck it and sewed it to his costume. It worked really well...in fact it stuck so good it actually started to remove the paper with the Velcro when we took them off.

Of course as with a lot of these type of thing with kids they lasted about 5 minutes before he wanted them off and they didn't go back on the rest of the night. Oh well...it was fun to make them!

Arrrr...Captain Owen straight ahead! I wanted to make Owen look like he had a goatee, but he wasn't having it. Also just like Jack's wings...Owen hat and sword only lasted so long!

Cute as a bug just went to a whole new level with this pretty girl! Oh my.....she was just scrumptious!!!

The best shot of all 3 of them! Silly monkeys!!!

Since it was a work night and I had a MOPS meeting the very next day our plan was to forgo going to Ga-Ga & Pa's this year and take the kids to our churches Harvest Festival.

We hung out for a little while and played a few games....like the cake walk!

Jack won a cake and he chose this one and as you can see he wanted to dig in right away.

It wasn't very long after that when this little girl had a complete and utter MELTDOWN. I mean she sat in the middle of the room and sobbed her eyes out. Drama Queen! Owen also kept asking to go outside and go trick or treating. A Harvest Festival is a good idea for kids who enjoy the games and stuff, but Owen and Jack love the experience of going out when it's dark, ringing the door bell and getting candy. So shortly after the meltdown we got in the van and were on our way home. That's when Owen asked to go to Ga-Ga & Pa's. By this time it was already after 6:30pm and Ga-Ga & Pa live in Orting and we were in Tukwila about an hour away.....oh yeah and we needed gas. I asked Owen if he would be happy if we just went to our neighborhood and he said no. Now I'm not one of those Mom's that likes to give into my child's every whim, but I do think there are times for certain things and when it comes to big holidays like this I wasn't going to disappoint him. These times when they are young are fleeting and I don't want to look back and say...I wish I had!

So off to Ga-Ga & Pa's we went! I made good time and we got there right around 7:30 and there were still a TON of trick or treater's in their neighborhood. The first thing we did was surprise Ga-Ga & Pa...they were really bummed they weren't going to see us. To say they were happy to see their babies is an understatement!

Jack and Ella fell asleep in the van on the way down so we weren't sure if they'd even want to go, but once we got them out of the car there was no stopping them. Owen and Jack were literally running from door to door. They were pros this year! Ella wasn't sure about it in the beginning, but boy did she figure out how to work the system early on. First off she did not like it if they put the candy in her bucket she wanted to hold it and then drop it in herself. This meant if they did drop some in her bucket she would look at them like, "Where's my candy?" so of course they gave her more. Then at a few houses they would let the kids grab there own and she would just keep grabbing and they would just let her. I told one lady that she would just keep going and she responded, "How can I resist!" She really did charm everyone!

For the most part I carried her from house to house, but for a little while she wanted to walk...until she fell over and spilled her candy!

We only went down Ga-Ga & Pa's street on both side (lots of houses were dark too) and look at all that candy. I think since we went later than we normally go people were just wanting to get rid of their candy!

Ella had the most candy out of the 3 of them!

So much candy and so much fun! I'm so glad I listened to this cute boy and gave into his hearts desire!

You know it was a wonderful Halloween night when you end it by wallowing in your candy!