Monday, December 24, 2012

Family Christmas Pictures!

The Sunday after Thanksgiving we traveled up to Snoqualmie Pass to have Family Christmas pictures taken by my friend Starr. She had been scoping out locations to get the best pictures and she found a great place that had a cabin and some snow.  
Getting 4 kids - 5 and under to all look a the camera and smile can be tough. Ella was also in a bit of a mood so she was trying to not cooperate!
My parents and my brother Ryan and SIL Stephanie joined us. Since Zeke is our last child it's fun to know that this is the Grant side of the family!
Owen loves his Pa!
Auntie Stephie and Uncle Ry lovin' on Zeke Man.
The boys!
The girls!
My love!!!
I bought this Blessings sign while on vacation in Wyoming. I wasn't buying much since we were flying and I didn't have the room in my luggage for anything big, but this sign I just had to have it. Anyway I had this idea of a picture with the sign in mind so I brought it with me. After explaining what I envisioned to Starr she set up the shot and nailed it. It turned out EXACTLY like I wanted it to!