Monday, December 3, 2012

It's High Time For The Highchair!

Last week pulled out the highchair for Zeke. We have just been using the Bumbo and sitting it on the table, but that makes the table really crowded.
Zeke looks so small sitting in his chair.
When he's not eating he loves to chew on his spoons!
When he is eating it's messy...he loves to grab for his spoon. He is also the pickiest eater so far. It's hilarious the child hates and I do mean hates...bananas! That's just crazy to me. In fact he really isn't fond of any fruits. If he could eat carrots and peas for every meal he's be super happy! As for the highchair he wasn't really fond of it the next day...I think he doesn't like the feeling of not being snug. So....
I improvised! It's the Bumbo Chair. We don't follow safety guidelines here!
Living on the wild side!!!