Sunday, December 2, 2012


Last Sunday we headed up to Snoqualmie so we could have family Christmas pictures taken. It was a beautiful day! My friend Starr was taking our pictures and I knew she was bringing a couple props, but I thought I'd bring a couple too. One of them was this little red sled. The boys wanted to go sledding so bad so once pictures were over Daddy took them up the hill to go sledding.
 It totally cracked me up that they were able to sled with my decoration!
It was the perfect size for them too.
If they had proper snow gear I'm sure they could have done this all day long!
It was super cold and their hands were freezing! I think they played out there for about 15 minutes.
I on the other hand took pictures and then got into the nice warm van with the seat heaters on!!! As for the pictures we had taken...they turned out fabulous of course! We are sending them out as Christmas cards so I won't be posting them here until after Christmas.