Tuesday, February 25, 2014

Ella's 4 Year Old Pictures!

 Ella's 4 year old pictures were taken the day after I had my last gum surgery. Since I wasn't up to going Michael and I used Google Hangout for the first time. He did not want the pressure of picking out the pictures on his own. He's knows I can be pretty picky! Turned out that that wasn't a problem....the lady was really only able to get 3 good pictures of Ella.

At first the photographer was a man and Ella wasn't having it at all. Michael was texting me saying that it was going good at all. He ended up having Jack get his pictures instead since he was wearing a nice shirt. He thought we might as well actually get pictures out of this ordeal. 

I think that made Ella get a little jealous and then the female photographer came in and took over. In about 5 minutes she got a few good shots and then it was back to miss grumpy pants! 

She is a super cute 4 year old!!!