Sunday, February 23, 2014

Ella's Birth-Day Party!

 Even though we couldn't have a big party on Ella's birthday we did have a small celebration with just the 6 of us.

Ella had requested a lemon cake with vanilla frosting. 

Happy Birthday Girl!!! 

These boys had been asking about cake the entire day! 

Zeke man was definitely feeling better, but he wasn't allowed to eat cake yet. 

Blow.....don't burn your hair! 

The boys helped get the candles out! 

Yummy cake! 

Poor baby boy! 

Time for presents! See Owen's....he wrapped it himself! :) 

The sweetest thing happened earlier in the week. Jack wanted Ella's puppy Scout. Ella got it for her first birthday. She told Jack he could have it if he drew her a picture. So Jack did just that and Ella gave him Scout. Then all on his own he decided he wanted to buy Ella the puppy Violet. He used some of his money on his Toys R Us gift card and got it for her. I was so sweet! 

Then Ella opened her present from us. 

I got her candy flavored lip gloss and yummy candy. 

Trying out her lip gloss! 

Owen gave Ella some of his work books that he got at his birthday, but the cutest thing was the letter he wrote to her. 

It says..."Deer Ella, I Luv You. You are my best Sestr Ever!"

So even though Ella didn't get her big birthday party on her actual birthday she still had a nice time celebrating!