Sunday, February 16, 2014

Happy 4th Birthday Ella Bean!

Four years ago today my sweet Ella Grace entered this world. Surprising us all by being born on what would have been her Great-Grandpa's 90th Birthday. She was my chunkiest baby weighing in at 8lbs 10oz and according to the doctors she was almost 3 weeks early! I think not!!!

This girl in my mind is a miracle since in regards to my record we make a lot of boys! I'm so happy that God blessed us with a daughter! She brings the sweet and the spice to our family!

Ella loves all things girly...glasses, lip gloss, clop (dress) shoes, purses, make-up, keys and cell phones. Her favorite thing right now is to load her purse up with all of the above, put her clop shoes on and push around her shopping cart with her baby in it. She also loves to color, paint or draw. Scissors are also a favorite although I make sure her hair is put back prior to her uses them since the most recent hair cutting incident. 

Ella has been through quite a lot medically in her 4 short years. No where near what some kids go through, but more than most. She's so strong and brave! Ella has been going to speech therapy now since the beginning of January and we are starting to see some improvements. The biggest one is that she is now letting us correct her words and she'll repeat the word correctly back to us. This is HUGE....this girl does not like to be corrected at all.

Ella Grace you are my precious girl. I love your sweet smile and how you can't help but smile back when you see it. It feels like the last 4 years have just flown by...I swear you were just 2 a few months ago! I'm sad we have to postpone your birthday party, but I would rather be safe and not end up getting a bunch of people sick like we did at your 2nd birthday party. You were so understanding when we told didn't get mad or upset you just said, "We don't want to give everybody Zeke's germs!" You are really good with going with the flow. You are still napping for about 1 1/2 hours a day and on days you don't nap we and everyone around you can tell. You still definitely need your naps! You are still a thumb sucker although we have restricted you to only sucking it in your bed at naps or bedtime. You love it when I tuck you in, you smile and say, "I can suck my fum now!" You are quite a character and make us laugh all the time.

Ella Grace I love you more than words can say. You are my baby girl and you always will be. I love that I get to cherish all things girly with you. I think ahead to teaching you how to put make-up on, picking out dresses for school dances and even buying your wedding dress and I hope that all of those milestones and more will bring each of us joy. You know that God loves you and is always with you and I pray that your relationship with Him only deepens over time. Ella you are such a beautiful girl both inside and outside! 

Happy Birthday Beautiful!