Monday, February 24, 2014


 There's a blog I've been reading for a while now it's called Refashionista. Jillian is the Refashionista and she takes ugly awful clothes and turns them into awesome fashion statements. Well after checking out the clothes that I had in my closet I realized there were a couple pieces that needed some altering. A few just needed to be taken in on the sides so they would be more fitted, but a couple of pieces I really wanted to alter. Now I've never even hemmed pants before. I've made pillows, hemmed curtains and stitched on appliques, but no major overhauls of clothing. I figured I wasn't wearing the clothes anyway so if I messed them up I wouldn't be worse off. 

Here is my first refashion. A simple white dress... 

yes, but I'm not 13 years old anymore. 

The first thing I did was chop the bottom off the dress. I held it up to me and then pinned where I wanted it to fall. 

Then the stitching began. Now I'm not going to say this was easy. This dress had a lining which added a whole other level of hardness to this project. Plus when I snipping away at the excess hemmed up material I snipped through the lining and had to use a zigzag stitch to fix it. It wasn't pretty, but thankfully it's the lining so it doesn't have to be perfect! 

Here's my a nice shirt, but I still felt like I could do more. 

Then I saw that chunk that I cut off from the bottom and I noticed that the ruffle was still intact. So I took this and pinned it around the arms and stitched it up.

Instant sleeves...but if you look the sleeves are HUGE! They definitely needed to be taken in. So after doing some pinning, stitching, seam ripping and then re-stitching I was finished. 

Much better! 

So from this...

to this! I have to tell you I even amazed myself with this one. Since it was my first refashion I was seriously empowered! This opens up so many doors in regards to clothes. Exciting! 

After finishing this I took 2 shirts in on the sides, but that's not super exciting so let's skip over that. 

Another dress...another chop...more stitching. 

From dress to shirt. This is so fun!