Monday, February 17, 2014

Sweet Sleeper!

 The past couple of weeks Zeke hasn't really felt good. He's been teething...those darn 'I' teeth are killer! He's been taking really long naps and he's also been so clingy. I can barely get anything done without him crying at my feet.

He is such a good sleeper. In fact sometimes the boys will be awake and they will be standing on the front of his firetruck bed being loud and he'll sleep right through it. These particular pictures were taken one morning last week. The older boys were up and had already gotten dressed and gone downstairs. I came in to wake him up thinking he'd wake right up once I turned on the light, but nope! He just kept on sleeping. That's a 4th child for you! 

I love those sweet chubby cheeks and those pouty lips! 

After snapping a few pictures he started to wake up, but he just consoled himself with his thumb. He is an even worse thumb sucker than Ella. He will suck his thumb in the van and sometimes for quite a while after we've gotten him up. He's actually brought food up to his mouth while he's been sucking his thumb and you could tell there was an inner conflict going on....thumb, food, thumb food! It was hilarious! His poor thumb is always dried out and it even has a callus right where is teeth sit. I have a feeling he's going to have a hard time giving that habit up!