Saturday, February 22, 2014

Zeke's ER Visit!

 Last Friday afternoon I got Zeke up from his nap so we could go to the elementary school for Ella's screening. I set Zeke on the dining room table and then ran upstairs to get him a coat. When I came back downstairs he had this funny look on his face and was almost crying. As I got closer I could tell there was stuff all over him and the table. Poor baby boy had thrown up....for the first time ever! He was so scared! 

On Saturday we did the whole BRAT diet, but he just kept puking. So on Sunday morning when he puked up his toast while sitting in his highchair it was enough. I knew I was going to take him to the ER. At first Michael and I decided I should just take him to St. Francis since it's closer and it's not necessarily a pediatric's puking! After I took a shower and got ready to take him I had decided that it was just worth the extra drive to take him to Mary Bridge.

When I came downstairs to get Zeke in the van this is where I found him. This cute boy hasn't fallen asleep on our laps since he was about 6 months old. He was so lethargic! 

When we got to MB I used the complimentary valet parking and then walked into the ER. I got right up to the desk, signed a consent to treat form, sad in the triage chair with Zeke for all of 30 seconds and then it was back to the room we went. Seriously these are the reason it's worth it to drive to Tacoma! That an the hospital staff is so wonderful and it's so clean...not even dust bunnies in the corners of the rooms.

The nurse gave Zeke anti-nausea meds and then waited 15 minutes. Then he was able to start Pedialyte. He chugged it down. Then he waited another 15 minutes and then chugged more Pedialyte. The doctor had come in around this time and checked Zeke. He had 3 signs of dehydration...sunken in eyes, dried, cracked lips and wrinkles on his tummy. He was concerned that they might have to put an IV in, but thankfully after the second cup of Pedialyte he started perking up. After another 45 minutes or so he had drank more Pedialyte and eaten some Teddy Grahams so we were released. The doctor did give me a prescription for more anti-nausea meds just in case.

Zeke was still so tuckered out so on the way home he fell asleep. 

After a nap he was able to eat some cereal...happy boy! 

He didn't really want to eat all that much though. He just wanted to drink and drink and drink. 

Seriously that tummy of his was super full! I was worried he might just puke from drinking too much too fast. Thankfully he didn't! Unfortunately on Sunday night he started the other symptom of the stomach flu....which meant lots of laundry for us. Poor guy just got put through the wringer! On Tuesday is when he finally started to feel and act like himself again.