Thursday, March 6, 2014

Ella's Cowgirl Party - Mercantile!

 This was the part of the party I was most looking forward too...The Mercantile! 

Michael was so wonderful with setting up The Mercantile. He used this big piece of plywood that we have so we can put the boys racetrack on it and he put some screws in it so we could display the goods. The Mercantile was actually hidden behind the curtains so the kids didn't see it until I was ready to open up. When I opened it I explained to the kids that in the olden days they didn't call the store a Supermarket or a Department Store.

Here are the 8 stick horses! I made post to follow! The stick horses were the most expensive at 8 gold nuggets. 

Cowboy hats were only 3 gold nuggets. I got 20 of these from Oriental Trading Company. 

The Toy Guns were 5 gold nuggets. I got these from the Dollar Tree. They came in an FBI kit. The guns are cool, but the rest of the stuff is junk so I just threw it away. Toy guns are actually pretty hard to come by. Most of them are cap guns, but I just wanted something simple. These do make a clicking sound when you pull the trigger! 

After showing the kids what they could buy and how many gold nuggets it would cost. Then I asked them if they brought gold nuggets to the party. It was funny to see their cute faces! That's when I told them they would need to pan for gold. 

Out in the front of the house Michael had set up the gold panning area. Two metal buckets filled with play sand and "gold nuggets" aka gold spray painted rocks! 

I got these tins at the Dollar Tree and Pa poked holes in them so the sand would fall out, but not the gold. 

The kids had a blast finding gold! 

Seriously something that cost so little and they loved it! 

Ella struck gold! 

Once the kids had their gold they started pouring into the garage to make their purchases. 

Andrew got a gun for himself and then he came back later and bought one for his brother who was still home taking a nap. It was so sweet. He also ended up buying a hat for himself and Josiah as well. Sweet brother!!! 

Ella got the horse with the pink bandanna! 

Logan chose the blue one! 

Giddy Up Anna & Addison! 

Watch out Lilyann is one cute cowgirl! 

Sami seems pretty stoked about her horse! 

There has to be a clever title for this picture since Logan is covering her nose, but it's not coming to me! 

In the end the guns and the horses sold out and there was one hat left so we gave it to Zeke. Is he not the cutest little cowboy you've ever seen! Biased...I know! 

Once Josiah got to the party he was able to play cowboys with his brother. Watch out...these guys mean business! 

Even some of the adults had fun with all the western gear! 

Giddy Up! 

Probably my favorite picture of my brother and I! 

The Mercantile was a HUGE success and even though it was a LOT of work it was absolutely worth it!!!