Wednesday, March 12, 2014


One of my goals this year is to update the look of my make-up. I've been researching Pinterest for ideas and have found out how I should be doing my make-up for my deep set / hooded eyes. At Fred Meyer's Wet & Wild has been on a buy one get one half off sale. I figure since I'm just playing around and trying to figure out what I like I don't want to buy expensive stuff. So far I've gotten some eye shadow, eyebrow powdered and eyeliner. The other day I was playing around with my eyeliner and Ella was watching me. I figured it would be fun to put some eye shadow on her and some mascara. 

She was so happy! 

Pretty pink eye shadow. Of course the next day she asked me to put more on her. I told her I would only put make-up on her every once in a while. Cute girl doesn't need to turn into a teenager already!