Saturday, March 15, 2014

Pinterest Craft!

I found this idea on Pinterest quite a while ago. I wanted to try it but at the same time it looked really time consuming. Last week I made a trip to IKEA and I bought some of those round cork trivets they have in the kitchen section. I knew I wanted to use them for one of my MOPS crafts come next year so I wanted to play around with it to make sure it would work. You can see the first craft in the upper right hand corner of this picture below. It's just where you cover the cork with fabric and turn it into a cute cork board. Then I thought that I might be able to use the cork boards for the craft that I had wanted to do for a while. 

I had already bought a round mirror for another MOPS craft that didn't end up working out so I took that out and covered it with saran wrap. Then I glued it to the cork board. Then I got to cutting up plastic spoons...lots of spoons! Surprisingly they weren't that difficult to cut through. 

Then I went around and glue them all to the cork board. 

I just finished up using this blue spray paint for another MOPS craft so I had some leftover. I thought it might be a fun color for a flower. 

Then I went out a thought it might be fun to add some more color so I took some yellow spray paint and painted the tips of the flower. 

The edges of the spoons in the middle were pretty rough and didn't look nice so I took some ribbon and glued it down while twisting it. 

I took more the ribbon and used it as a hanger and secured it to the back of the cork board with a push pin. This craft was surprisingly easier than I thought it would be. Partially because I didn't try to make mine nearly as big as the original. Of course I did learn a few things while making this first one that I'll definitely do differently when I make this for MOPS. The first being I will spray paint the cork board first before gluing the spoons on it. It's almost impossible to get into all the little nooks and crannies after gluing the spoons on. The second thing is I will go through and make sure that all the little hot glue gun hairs are removed prior to painting. They are hard to see, but I didn't do a really thorough look and once you paint them they really show up and you can't get them off. Also this is going to have to be a two part craft for MOPS. There's no way we can finish it at one meeting since the paint really needs to dry. 


Micah and Kim Storer said...

Would it work to used colored spoons? I know I've seen colored ones at Party City. That might be easier than painting them.