Tuesday, March 18, 2014


Last week when we were having some sun I went outside with the kids so we could take advantage of it. All of them wanted to swing. 

It's so nice to see the sunshine on her face. That's my favorite feeling in the spring time...it's still cold, but the sun can warm your face.

Zeke has kind of forgotten how to sit in his bucket swing. He seems to think that he should lean forward instead of sit back. It looks terribly uncomfortable, but no matter how many times I move him back he won't stay there.

All the kids wanted to be swung of course so I was pushing Zeke from the front and then I would grab the girls legs and pull them and then let go instead of pushing them from behind. Ella didn't like it too much, but Logan thought it was great fun!

I absolutely love that my camera does this all on it's own when I take a bunch of shots at the same time.