Saturday, March 8, 2014

Stick Horses!

 When planning for Ella's cowgirl party I had found the instructions to make stick horses. I thought it would be fun to sell these at the Mercantile. The first thing I had to find was nice long wool socks that didn't cost a fortune. I wasn't going to make these if they cost $8 a piece. I ended up finding 2 4 horses for $3.99 at The Goodwill. Then I had to buy dowels for the stick portion. Each dowel was $2.99 so each horse ended up costing $4.

I stuffed the sock and then hot glued the felt pieces on for the eyes and the nose.  I also stitched the mouth with brown yarn.

Then I cut out and made the ears. 

Lots of ears! 

To keep the horse on the dowel Michael cut into the dowel a bit. Then I pulled the horses head onto the dowel stuffed it more and then tied a pieces of twine around the bottom of the sock and the twine sunk into that little notch. 

I had a bunch of curly yarn for the hair so I glued that on and added a bandanna around the bottom of the sock. 

Here's a coral full of stick horses ready to be bought!