Friday, March 28, 2014

March Date Night!

Last Saturday morning we went out to breakfast at The Station Bistro in Auburn. My SIL Becky works there and we had gotten a deal on We met Ga-Ga & Pa there so they could take the kids overnight in order for us to have our date day/night. 

After breakfast we did a little shopping at Target, Verizon and Harbor Freight Tools. Then we picked up the movie Last Vegas at the Redbox. When we got home Michael played on the computer while I work on another page in Zeke's quiet book. When I was finished we started the movie. This movie is SO funny! Hilarious...a must see...go rent it! The funny thing is during the movie Michael got called into work. Sound familiar? He got called in during out date night in February too. The funny part is he wasn't even on call this time. His co-worker that was on call had just gotten in a car accident so he was unable to take the call. Michael had to leave and go take care of it, but thankfully he was back in time for us to finish the movie before we went to dinner. 

We had reservations at The Melting Pot in Tacoma! 

I love this place! We usually only go once a year since the whole experience with the 4 courses is pretty spendy. Sometimes we'll go for happy hour which is a screaming deal and you just get cheese fondue and chocolate fondue. The thing about The Melting Pot is I can't do fondue at home so I don't mind paying for it. 

Part of our date was also supposed to be me going to a salon in Bellevue to have a make-up consultation. This is also on my personal goal list along with updating my style. Well...the make-up consult was going to cost $100 for one hour and it wasn't going to include any make-up. I figured that I could do some research online to find out some application tips. Pinterest to the rescue again! I found a site that gave instructions on how to apply eyeliner for different types of eyes. I also spent some of that $100 I was going to use on the consult and got some new make-up. It's been fun playing around with different colors! Oh...and I wore my shirt that I refashioned! If you want to see how I changed a dress into a shirt click here

I got the classic dinner that came with a little of each different kinds of meat. Teriyaki Marinated Sirloin, Chicken, Pork Loin, Shrimp (I had already put 2 of the shrimp in the cooking pot) and another kind of beef. 

Cooking pot filled with yummies! 

Now Michael stuffed himself on all the previous dishes, but I saved more room for dessert! The Flamin' Turtle is A-mazing! So good...looking at this makes me want to go back just for dessert! 

All the fixings for dipping! The brownie bites are to die for!