Friday, October 3, 2014

Disneyland Road Trip 2014 - Day 1

On the morning of Thursday September 18th we set off for our big road trip. It was actually surreal since we had been planning it for so long it felt like it would never get here and then it was! 

A few day before we left I got a really nasty head cold. I ended up losing 2 days that were supposed to be spent packing! Thankfully my friend Kim came over the day before we left to help out. It was wonderful! Even with help I was up until almost 11pm finishing up packing. I had plans to pack a suitcase for each individual day, but when I was packing that was getting so confusing since some of our shorts/pants would need to be worn more than once. So instead I ended up packing one big suitcase for the 6 days we weren't at Disneyland and then a smaller one for the 4 days we were. 

We had the kids in the van and were ready to go a little before 10am. Right on schedule! 

I normally am the driver in the family, but lately I have given that responsibility more to Michael. During this trip I only drove once! 

I had kept the kids quiet books from them so they were new to them all over again. Zeke loved his phone! 

Jack was checking out his travel LEGO kit. Of course the moment we backed out of the driveway Owen was on his LeapPad. He loves that thing and before a road trip we always purchase a new game for him. 

A couple nights before we left Michael and I spent some time making the kids these fun cereal necklaces. They had Fruit Loops, Multi-Gran Cheerios and Apple Jacks. The kids loved them! 

Our first stop of the trip was the Military Museum at JBLM. Owen loves playing computer games about war and he's sure he's going to be an army man and shoot Germans. No matter how many times we tell him the Germans are on our sides he's not buying it! He was so stoked about seeing all the tanks and anti-aircraft guns!  

We decided to go pay to go in the museum we just wondered the grounds and checked everything out. 

The kids wanted to climb up on all the machines, but of course there were signs everywhere saying stay off! 

Here is one of the tanks that Owen actually uses in his computer game. 

It was a fun stop....we got to stretch our legs and all the kids really enjoyed it! 

 Our next stop was going to be Fort Vancouver, but we decided to skip that since the kids were settled in and we figured they would be more excited about the swimming pool at the hotel! 

I bought these awesome wireless headsets for the van back when we were going to go in 2013. I got them for a great deal on Amazon, but I had never figured out how to work them. Finally I broke down and ask our tech friend Micah how to figure it out and he showed us. Of course that was back in June so when it came time for the road trip I had completely forgotten what to do. We ended up calling him when we were stopped at a restaurant for a potty break. Turned out the only thing we were doing wrong was trying to use them in the front seat! You have to be in the back since it's an infrared headset. These came in handy many times since we didn't always want to listen to the movies. Towards the end of the trip the kids did complain that the headsets were hurting their ears so we did listen to more movies than I thought we would. Thankfully most of the movies we brought were actually really fun to listen to. 

Our first hotel was a Super 8 in Roseburg. It had a great indoor swimming pool! 

Of course after being stuck in the van for hours the kids were in need of being crazy!  

After swimming the kids all needed to get rinsed it was into the tub with them. So funny they can still all fit!