Wednesday, October 22, 2014

Disneyland Road Trip - Day 7

For the 3rd day we decided to go back to California Adventure. Ga-Ga & Pa only had 3 day hopper passes so we wanted to hit some of the things we missed the day before. Of course right after we made it through the bag check line I reached for our passes that should have been in my back pocket and realized they weren't there. They were back on the dresser in the hotel room! While Michael ran back to the hotel to get them the kids entertained themselves by blowing bubbles. 

We could have stood in line to the park, but seriously why would you stand in the sun when you can wait in the shade! 

Pa bought Zeke's Tow Mater shirt and Owen's Planes shirt the day before. They were both so happy to wear them! 

Ella wore her Tink shirt that I made forever ago! 

Jack chose a car toy instead of a shirt so he wore his LEGO Indiana Jones shirt. 

Running around stomping bubbles is so much fun!!! 

Walking down Buena Vista Street. There is a lot of changes to this area. The fountain at the end of the street used to be a huge sun and there was also an ice cream shop called the BurrrrBank Creamery. Now its a....

Seriously they are everywhere! 

Of course Ga-Ga couldn't pass up some Starbucks tea! As you can see she got tea for everyone! 

It was already so hot that we decided to do Grizzly River Run first. I really didn't want to walk around with wet undies all day so I used one of the ponchos I bought at the Dollar Tree before we left. Everybody loved this ride! 

Ga-Ga hung out in the shade with Zeke while we were on the ride. We have decided that in the future we aren't taking the kids to Disney anything until Zeke is at least 7 years old. It will just be easier when we can all go on the rides and no one gets left out! 

Next up was The Challenge has also been updated because of the movie Up and the character Russell earning his badges. The kids got these maps that had was finding a footprint for the big bird named Kevin in the movie .

They earned their Bravery badge by going on the zipline. I get hot just looking at this picture of us standing was scorching hot! 

The boys do the zipline at the sprinkler park all the time so this was super easy! 

The maps for where the different challenges were located left a lot to be desired so it was kind of a wild goose chase. To get the Eagles Nest badge I thought you needed to go up to the top of the tower, but that wasn't the case. Who'd of thought the Eagles Nest challenge would be on the ground. Weird! 

Zeke man was pretty much done with being in there....he did have some fun climbing on the rocks that are shaped like sleeping bears. 

After the Challenge Trail we took the kids over to Ariel's was a nice ride to cool down on. Then Michael and I took Owen to California Screamin'. We weren't sure how he would like it since he was scared of Indiana Jones, but that was mainly because it was in the dark. He said he would be fine since it was out in the light. He was right....he LOVED it! 

With the glare it's really hard to see, but you can make out Owen smiling! 

After California Screamin' we met back up with Ga-Ga & Pa...that is after they when on a hunt for Ga-Ga's umbrella stroller. When we went with Owen we left both strollers with Ga-Ga & Pa. Ga-Ga went shopping with Zeke in our black stroller and Pa took Jack and Ella on the Ariel ride and left the umbrella stroller in the stroller parking like we had many times before. Well....someone switched their stroller with ours! I had read that people sometimes do this, but didn't think it would happen to us. They had the exact same umbrella stroller except theirs was junk...broken canopy....big sticker in the canopy window, filthy and the little latch to keep it shut when you folded it was broken! Seriously some people! How rude! Oh least we still had a stroller and it did move! 

Next up was the Toy Story Mania Ride. I had heard nothing about this ride at all. The line said it was only 30 minutes...which is long enough with 4 kids, but it looked super cute. It ended up taking more than 40 minutes and it was HOT HOT HOT! 

Yes...Owen I agree!!! 

Like I said I had never heard anything about this ride so I had no idea what we were in store for or why we needed 3D glasses. 

I did overhear someone say it was awesome and I was thinking it better be with this wait!!! :) 

Since there were 4 adults and 4 kids we just split up so each adult had one child. This ride was AMAZING!!! I wish we had been able to go on it over and over, but the line was always so long! It was like a bunch of 3D arcade games. You had these guns that you have to pull a lever and they would "shoot" out different things like darts, balls or rings as your trying to get as many points possible. We took up one full car so that meant that our family was playing against each other. The cars are set up so you sit back to back....hard to explain. We would be facing away from each other but playing the same type of game on a screen in front of us. There were screens on either side of the car. It was so much fun! They definitely need to set up fastpasses for this ride to make it easier to go on. 

After all that fun we went to The Wharf to have lunch. Even though it was hot outside I had a serious craving for Clam Chowder in one of those awesome bread bowls. Yummy! 

We sat right up against the rails where you could see all the ducks in the water. Of course Zeke was not interested in eating...when is he! 

So he fed Ga-Ga's bread to the ducks instead. He and the other kids had so much fun doing this. I was sure we were going to get talked to, but we never did and even the kids next to us joined in the fun. 

Earlier in the morning while Ga-Ga was getting Starbucks Michael had ran over to get us all fasspasses for Radiator Racers again. This time it was Ga-Ga's turn to go since she had stayed with Zeke the last time. I can't wait until Zeke is big enough to go on this ride! 

So Pa was the lucky one that hung out with Zeke over in the same place Ga-Ga did the day before. We thought that Zeke would probably fall asleep since he had not had a nap yet, but no way!!! 

He wanted out of that stroller so he would stretch his legs! 

He also pushed the switched umbrella stroller around all over the place. Pa said it was so fun to watch him. You know he could have been in the middle of no where and he wouldn't long as he had a stroller to push around. 

After Radiator Racers (we got to go the other way this time...there are two possible choices) we wandered over to the Cozy Cones and got some frozen lemonade and ice cream. Mater was there as well and we were able to just walk right up to see him. I think Zeke was even more excited to see Mater than McQueen....makes sense since he picked out the Mater shirt instead of a McQueen shirt the day before! 

After this we took the older three with us to go on Sourin' California and then to Grizzly River Run. This time I did NOT wear a poncho! 

The line was long and we didn't have fastpasses, but it was worth it! Ga-Ga & Pa were with Zeke....he finally napped...and they were saving seats for the Pixar Parade. The Grizzly River Run took longer than we thought so we literally got there and crossed the street right before it started. 

It was so much fun seeing the characters all at once like this.

Plus most of the floats have water squirters so they spray you and it feels so nice! 

Jack Jack the Incredible.....the reason we nicknamed Jack - Jack Jack when he was a baby! 

To Infinity and Beyond! 

I love Toy Story!!! 

Ga-Ga & Pa were sitting under a tree a ways back from the road, but I wanted to be close so we sat on the ground. The cute baby girl in pink was so adorable. She was the star of the parade! All the characters would come up to her and she would get so was so cute! 

Of course Lightning McQueen and Mater were grand finale! 

Pa, Michael and the older boys left the park right after the parade. Pa splurged and took them out to Medieval Times while Ga-Ga, Ella and I stayed in the park to shop! 

Heading back to the hotel to get the car!

Posing with their crowns!

As you can tell by the color of their crowns they were routing for the red knight. Jack thoroughly enjoyed everything. He even ate the food! Michael did have to reassure him that it was just acting and no one was really going to get killed! 

Owen barely tried any of the food, but he also enjoyed himself. Not so much the pomp and circumstance at the beginning...he was looking forward to the fighting! 

Here is their knight! They did all sorts of things like jousting and sword fighting of course. Michael said it was a longer show than the show we went to back in 2000. 

Sadly their knight was taken down by the blue knight! :( 

While the boys were experience gladiator type carnage us girls plus Zeke were buying the things that the kids had picked out with their money. Owen got - Toy Story Bucket of Solders & Bucket of Little Green Men and his Sheriff gun set. Jack got a big Buzz Lightyear with all the bells and whistles and a Brave archery set. Ella got an Ariel pajama dress and a big stuffed Stitch. Zeke got a Lightning McQueen football and a giant Mac truck with 10 die cast cars from the movie. After our shopping spree we went and ate at the bakery in Downtown Disney before coming back to the hotel and trying to organize everything since we'd be checking out the next morning! It was a long, fun day!!!