Monday, October 13, 2014

Disneyland Trip - Day 4

The fourth day of the trip was mainly this....

Lots and lots of nothing! It was quite boring and annoying driving on a I-5 with a bunch of idiots that don't understand what those buttons on their steering wheel are for. Cruise control is your friend people! 

We got to our hotel around 2pm and our room wasn't scheduled to be ready until 4pm so we headed over to Downtown Disney. 

Even though our hotel was right across the street it's still a trek just to get to the park. 

The kids didn't really have any idea what this whole Disneyland thing was about so it was fun walking with them for the first time knowing what they were going to see. Disneyland is magical!  

Resting a little before getting in the line for the bag check. 

While in Downtown Disney we got a banana split to share, checked out this cool build a remote control car store and then went to the LEGO store. I love how they have it set up with all the LEGO sets around the perimeter of the store and then they have a whole area so the kids could play with LEGO's. 

By that time Ga-Ga & Pa had checked into the hotel and our room was ready so we headed back. All the hotels that we had stayed at so far were just one room with two queen beds so Owen would sleep on the bed with either Jack or Ella (they trading off sleeping on the floor) and then Zeke would sleep in a portable crib. At this hotel we had a family suite which is two rooms. One with a king bed, couch and kitchenette and then another room with 2 queen beds and a bathroom. 

Here Michael is catching the amazing ending to the Seahawk vs. Denver game! GO HAWKS!!!

When we came into the hotel room I was teasing the kids and saying things like, "Oh guys all have to sleep on the floor at this hotel" and other things like that. Of course they were trying to talk their way into sleeping on the king size bed. It took a few minutes, but Owen finally noticed the door on the left in the above picture that led to their room. 

They were so excited! As you can see Jackson doing some pretty awesome dance moves! 

It was such a fun surprise for them and it was nice for Michael and I to be able to put them to bed and actually get to watch something other than Cartoon Network later that night.

After checking into the hotel Ga-Ga & Pa came to our room and we all walked down to Mimi's for dinner. 

This was another great restaurant. We ate here twice...once for dinner and once for breakfast. The kids meals were actually cheaper than the IHOP a few doors down! 

It's funny whenever we are at a sit down restaurant Owen asks...."Mommy is this a fast food restaurant or a slow food restaurant?"

It was so fun having Ga-Ga & Pa on vacation with us for the Disneyland portion of the trip. I think they enjoyed themselves! :) 

After dinner the kids wanted to go swimming in the pool. We stayed at the Anaheim Camelot Inn & Suites. The pool is on the fourth floor roof of the overhang section for the parking lot. Our van is parked right under the pool....we're the one backed in. 

Here is the view of the hotel past the pool. We were on the 2nd floor and Ga-Ga & Pa were on the 5th floor. 

Here's the view towards the front. It was a great hotel. We've stayed here before back in 2004 when we came with Michael's parents, SIL and our niece. I would definitely stay here again. When Michael becomes District Manager at the Water District we are definitely going to stay at The Grand Californian though! A girl can dream! :) 

The kids loved the pool! It was already getting dark out and the pool wasn't very warm, but they don't care. Thankfully Daddy was willing to get in with them. I took one step in the pool and felt all my muscles starting to tighten up and knew I couldn't get in. I did not want to hurt my neck again! 

So I went to the hot tub....when I look at this picture I can see how stiff my neck was. I was having a hard time even turning to look at my dad's camera. 

When it was time to go to the pool I asked Zeke if he wanted to go swimming and he said no so I didn't put him in his Little Swimmers. This is me talking to him because he is sure he wants to go swimming now that we are there. 

My little hot tub buddy! 

Ga-Ga was sweet and took Zeke up to the room and got him ready to swim. 

This is me trying to get him to come in the hot wasn't that hot, but he wasn't having it! 

So he just lounged instead! Cutest little stinker ever!