Monday, October 27, 2014

No More Diapers!

While we were on vacation it became clear that Zeke was ready to be potty trained. When your kid comes in the room and tells you he's poo'd and he wants you to change him I think that's pretty clear that he's ready! 

I decided to start training him the morning of October 2nd since we could be home for 5 days without having to go anywhere. That morning I had him pack up all his diapers. No more diapers for Zeke.

He packed up the diapers from both the upstairs and downstairs.

That's a heavy bag of diapers for such a little guy!  

Since he wasn't going to be wearing diapers anymore it was time to break out the McQueen undies. 

Then it was time to toss the diapers out in the garage for going back!

Mommy, Zeke and Ella....we all got potty charts!

We also spent most of that first day watching Elmo's Potty Time over and over again. Uncle Ry bought this for Owen back when he was a little guy. It's been a great tool in teaching the kids about using the potty.

The first day was a big success....he went pee in the potty the first time I sat him down and then poo in the potty the second time. For the first couple days he did great....lots of accidents of course, but they are just chances to learn. Thankfully Zeke hates to be wet so that has really helped. He did have a few bad days where he literally didn't go in the potty once. I was thisclose to putting him back in diapers and then later that night he actually told Michael he needed to go potty and then later told him he needed to go poo. It's like a switch flipped! He is doing great! He knows how to control his bladder so well...he can hold it over 3 hours and when he does sit down on the potty and focuses he can be finished in a matter of seconds. He is by far the easiest child I've ever potty trained and he's not even 2 1/2 yet! Crazy!!! 

Lately he has reverted a little in regards to pooing in the potty, but as long as we make him sit for a while on the potty he'll usually do his business there. As for nap & night time he is wearing night-night undies aka Pull Ups. Most days he's wakes up from his nap and he's totally dry. Of course at night is a different story, but I know that will take a while. He has actually had one dry night, but I think if we really wanted to work on that we would need to start limiting his fluid intact after dinner and I'm not sure he would approve! Right now he's still only going on his little potty chair...we even take it with us to friends houses and MOPS. However, his most recent accomplishment was using the big potty at a restaurant for the very first time. My favorite thing is when you ask him if he's a baby he says, "No...I big boy!"