Thursday, October 16, 2014

Disneyland Road Trip - Day 5

On Monday morning we woke up and got to the park right before 9am. Disneyland was opening at 10, but I had read that Main Street opens up an hour before the park so you can shop. I guess I was wrong because it was more like 9:45 when we finally got in and the it was already 80 degrees outside. 

For the trip we brought 2 strollers with us. My mom's umbrella stroller for Ella and this black stroller I bought on OfferUp. It would have been nice not using strollers at all, but seriously that wasn't happening. During our time at Disneyland I think at least one person per day wore a Seahawks shirt. It was fun walking around and just randomly hearing, "Go Hawks"! We even met a Hawks fan from 12's really are everywhere!  

On the first day Pa wore his jeans and cowboy boots, but the following days he realized that shorts and tennis shoes were better since it was so hot out! 

I love how no matter how busy it is at Disneyland you can almost always get a picture in front of the Mickey flowers and it looks like you are the only ones there! 

Our first stop was City Hall to pick up buttons.....First Visit buttons for the kids and a Birthday button for me. 

All the kids wore their Mickey/Minnie appliqued shirts on the first day. They looked so cute! 

This guy LOVED his fact he was quite possessive of it throughout the trip. 

First visit buttons! 

After that we wandered over to the Fire Station and posed for a picture. 

A little shopping was in order and then we headed down Main Street USA! 

Tomorrow Land was our first stop for rides....the kids wanted to ride the Astro Orbiters.

At first Owen and Jack were going to ride together, but in the end Owen had to ride by himself. Since Jack wasn't 7 years old yet he still had to ride with an adult. Thus began the teaching our son to lie about his age and always say he was 7! 

Pa got to fly with Ella and she wasn't afraid to go high! 

At first I wasn't sure if Zeke would be interested in going on so he was going to stay back with Ga-Ga & I. Right before they ended up getting on I ran him over to Michael so he could join in the fun. 

We wanted to check out the Jedi Training, but the first two shows ended up being canceled so we went over to Autopia instead. 

It was nice have 4 adults and 4 kids....I tried to get pictures of all of us in our cars, but they were fast and it was our turn to get going so I had to jump in my car. 

Owen wanted to drive, but he wasn't strong enough to hold the pedal down so I had to do it for him. He was hilarious on our drive. I was pointing out all sorts of things along the side of the road and after I said, "Look at that cute car fountain", he very quickly said, "Stop distracting me...I'm trying to drive"! He was so focused and he was trying so hard to not hit any of the sides and bump the car. 

Once we were finished driving we wanted to take the bigger boys on Star Tours so Ga-Ga & Pa took Ella and Zeke to Fantasyland for us.  

A princess with a castle! 

Ella and Zeke got to go on the carousel with Ga-Ga & Pa!

After Star Tours we made light sabers for the boys and then did the Buzz Lightyear ride. Michael is amazing at that idea how he scores that many points! We met up with Ga-Ga & Pa and went on Pinocchio's ride and then wandered over to Adventure Land to go on the Jungle Cruise, but we realized we were going to be late for our lunch reservations so we just walked through Tarzan's treehouse instead. We ate lunch at my favorite place...The Carnation Cafe! Our waiter was so nice and when Jack said he didn't like his chicken he happily got him mac n' cheese instead. 

After lunch we tried to go on Pirates of the Caribbean while Ga-Ga sat with Zeke since he finally crashed, but it ended up breaking down for the day right before we got inside. 

It was so hot so we had to go to The Gibson Girls and get ice cream. It was crazy expensive ice cream amd ended up costing more than our breakfast that morning at MCD's. Oh Disneyland how to you love to get people to spend money! 

The boys were ready for some more fun and so were Michael and I, but Ella and Zeke were done so Ga-Ga & Pa took them back to the hotel. 

This was such a fun time with our older boys! We had fastpasses for Splash Mountain and then we did the haunted mansion. We were sure how Owen was going to do since Michael had taken him on Indiana Jones earlier in the day and he was terrified, but we just kept going on and on about how it's all fake and he seemed to do okay. 

 It was nice not having to push around a stroller and worry about whether or not the boys were going to be tall enough or not. We also wanted to go on Space Mountain, but the line was too long and the fastpasses were for too late. 

Since we were in Tomorrow Land we decided to take the train to the front of the park so we could go back to the hotel. 

For dinner that night we went to Joe's Crab Shack....SO YUMMY! Plus they have outdoor seating with a playground for the kids. Even though it was late when we got back the kids were dying to go swimming so Michael took them while Zeke and I stayed in the hotel. It was a full day of fun!