Thursday, October 9, 2014

Disneyland Road Trip - Day 2

On our second day of vacation I woke up with a bit of  stiff neck. I didn't roll up a towel and stick it in my pillow case like I do at home. I took some Advil and figured it would loosen up as the day went along. 

It was Friday September 19th and we were off to explore the Redwood Forest! 

The Redwoods are interesting in that there isn't just one big main place you go to see them. There are tons of different groves. You'll literally be driving along and you can see the blue sky one minute and then the next it's almost pitch black because you drove into a grove and the trees were blocking out the light. 

After driving for awhile we decided to stop in Crescent City since the kids were getting antsy. We used our phone and found this awesome wooden park close to the water. The kids really needed some time to stretch their legs and this was the perfect place! 

Happy boy to be free of those car seat straps! 

Taking a break from playing to have a little bite to eat! 

Buying food the day and making our own lunch worked out really well and saved us lots of money!

A little more time to play and get out all that energy! 

Not sure what he's contemplating, but he looks deep in thought! 

Once we loaded up we drove closer to the beach to check it out. It was a gorgeous day! 

At the first place we stopped we couldn't get down to the water so we drove a little ways down and found this area where the kids could get right in the surf. 

Our kids LOVE LOVE LOVE the beach! 

There was lots of sand between their toes! 

And of course their clothes got all wet too! 

Me and my man! 

Water lovers! 

Zeke had the most fun just running around and around me! 

Of course the kids were sad to go, but we wanted to make sure we got to the hotel in time for them to swim in the pool. After we left Crescent City is when I really started to feel bad. My neck was so stiff I could barely move and riding in the van was agony! 

While we were driving through one big grove we had to get out and check out the trees. At this point I was not very happy. It's hard to be when you are in severe pain. 

Just looking up to take this picture was so painful. I was so sad....we'd driven all that way and now I couldn't even look up! 

We went on this short trail that led us in a big circle. It was nice being out of the van for a while. 

After our short stop we got back on the road and I was in so much pain I started calling chiropractors in Eureka CA....our destination for the night. Thankfully it was a Friday night so they were open. Unfortunately most of them were rude to me saying things like...."oh we can't do a new patient appointment this late on a Friday"! Finally I contacted one that gave me a number to a chiropractor in McKinleyville which is about 15 minutes north of Eureka. He had an opening and was very nice. He adjusted my back and my neck and then sprayed me down with Biofreeze. I smelled like an old man, but I felt better. Unfortunately that only lasted for a little while. I wasn't much help that night with the kids. Michael did everything for everyone while I laid in bed with ice on my neck/back. Later that night after sleeping for only a few hours I woke up and had a 2 hour pity party for myself and pretty much cried myself to sleep. I was in so much pain it was unbearable, I only had 2 Advil left and I just kept thinking about how long we had planned this trip and how I wasn't going to be able to do much or have any fun with the kids at Disneyland. It wasn't my finest moment, but pain, stress and lack of sleep will do that to you! 


Furry Bottoms said...

I am sorry you were miserable! I was filled with happiness, though, to see my redwood trees! I think I have stood in that tree that the kids were in before. And I've taken that same picture. I just felt like I was there!! My dream is to have a home with the ocean on one side and the redwood trees on the other side. I would be perfectly content in a place like that. And Crescent City! The Hampton Inn there was really, really nice. ALL the rooms had views of the ocean. Every single one. Have you guys ever stopped at Klamath? There is a really nice grove to walk through there. And a skyway tram to take too if you don't want to walk all the way up. Anyhow, I hope you are feeling better now!