Monday, October 19, 2015

Carpinito Brothers Farm!!!

On Saturday we took advantage of not having anything on the calendar and we took the kids to Carpinito Brothers Farm. I've taken the kids to pumpkin patches before, but this is something we've never done as a family. It was super busy, but it's such a huge area it doesn't really seem too crowded. The only place we had to deal with crowds really was when we paid for the kids and then again when we bought our pumpkins. 

This champion pumpkin weighed in at 1,194.5lbs and could make up to 600 pies!

The first place we ventured to was in the barns. They had a hay pit to jump around in.

Get ready...get set!!!

Jump Owen!

Jump Jack!

Right next to that they had the corn pit!

I have seen lots of pictures of kids playing around in these and for some reason it just didn't seem like it would be fun.

The kids had a great time though!

There was corn flying everywhere!

Zeke Man was not going to get in the corn with all those crazy kids so I walked him over to this corn table. It was just his height!

I did put him inside it since he was the only one playing there and he liked rolling around in it. He also liked putting some in his hair!

These are Turken Chickens AKA Naked Necked Chickens....really funny looking!

The sheep was quite pleasant so the kids got to pet him or her...I didn't check! 

The geese! 

The sleeping bunnies! Michael tried to trick the kids by saying, "why would they have dead bunnies at the farm?"....they didn't believe him for a second! 

The pigs are my favorite! 

This pigs name was Ella! 

Ella with Ella!!! 

Trying to get a picture with 4 kids on a tractor while 3 of them are fighting over the steering wheel is impossible. Also the fact that they had to look in the direction of the sun didn't make it any easier!!! 

Farmer Jack and Farmer Ella! 

Ready to conquer the hay maze! 

Leading the way! 

Oops...not that way! 

Little shortie! 

Pretty girl with her new Seahawks shirt! 

Zeke would get to a dead end and then start digging at the hay to get out! 

Silly boy! 

There was a section where they made a cute little window for the kids to look through. Zeke says...I see you!!! 

The tunnel to the exit! 

Outside the hay maze they had a cow roping area. Jack was all over this! 

He worked and worked and worked. For a really long time! This boy is persistent! 

It paid off!!! He roped his an ear! He was so proud! 

We said goodbye to the farm, went back to the van, got the wagon and headed across the street to the big pumpkin patch! 

Pumpkins pumpkins everywhere!!! 

Trying again for a cute kiddo picture...3 out of 4 were cooperative! 

Pumpkins all loaded up! Our rule for the kids were that they had to be able to pick up their pumpkin. If they couldn't than it wasn't the pumpkin for them. Next year I think I'm going to change that rule a little bit...they have to be able to lift their pumpkin into the wagon! 

There really weren't any little little pumpkins that Zeke could pick up out in the patch, but closer by the scales they had a whole section of little pumpkins. He was finally able to pick one up, but then he said he didn't want it! He's a crazy dude! Side note....the police officer that was directing traffic and letting people cross the road was so awesome...he gave the kids stickers and then he read Zeke shirt. He thought it was so funny! 

Prized Pumpkins!!!