Wednesday, October 21, 2015

New Park!

Last week Zeke wanted to go to a park really badly. I'm still trying to get in a groove with just him at home and it seemed so funny to just take him to the park without the older kids. I thought we should wait until they got home and then go out together. The only thing is our nights are so busy with homework, dinner, BSF, reading time, bath time, bible time and bedtime. We seriously have no spare time at night! So off to the park we went! 

There is a new housing development not far from our house and I had noticed they had built a park. I figured it would be one of those...'this is for the people in this neighborhood only' parks, but it wasn't! It's actually a Des Moines Parks and Rec Park. Super cool!

Swaying on turtle! Zeke is hilarious because he wanted to ride his scooter around, but then he decided to play on the toys, but he wanted to keep his helmet on. He's was most definitely the safest kid on the playground. In fact he was the only kid on the playground for at least 30 minutes until a grandma should up with her two grandkids. 

We went on the seesaw together!

There were some fun things to do around the playarea. This one was a set of gears. 

Right next to the playarea was a half court basketball court. It was a perfect place for Zeke to ride his scooter. 

There was also this little paved hill that he could ride up and then come down. 

He is so good at his scooter! 

He really gets moving! 

I swear this kid is going to have no desire to ever right a bike...he is all about his scooter and then funny thing is he's right handed, but pushes himself with his left foot! 

They had two swings....a normal one and this handicap one. Zeke had a great time until he wanted out and then I bonked him in the face with the bit much for being the safest kid on the playground. 

Zeke rode around and around the playground while I sat on a bench just watching him. Then I noticed this little house so I went and sat in it. I was waiting to see how long it would take for him to notice I wasn't there. It wasn't long and he was getting really concerned so I hollered at him and he came running over. 

We played in the little house for a while and then I wanted to see what other cute things they might have around the playground to play with. That's when I found this flying maze. It was the cutest thing. Zeke loved how he had to turn the round parts just to the right spot so his plane could get on them and then turn them to the next path. He played with this thing for at least 10 minutes and then it was time to go and get a Slurpee!