Monday, October 5, 2015

My Dream Vacation - Day 5

Thursday morning was my morning to make breakfast. Even though I didn't have help from Michael that didn't mean I did all the work. Since Michael was gone I thought it would be a super fun treat to have Ella sleep in that big King size bed with me. She was over the moon! It was so fun to wake up and snuggle her. So she ended up being my helper in the kitchen. Of course it wasn't like breakfast was hard. Since it was our last day we had planned on something that wouldn't use up a bunch of dishes so we had cinnamon know the Pillsbury kind! Ella loved getting to put them in the pan for me! 

Ga-Ga & Bill enjoying their morning beverages!

We didn't really let the kids watch much TV at all, but since it was the last day and it was a bit rainy we let them veg out on the couches and watch cartoons. Besides it was time for us to start packing up everything! 

I think Pa took this picture of the kids from the stairs. You can see how we moved the furniture around.

Pa got a kick out of all us ladies working in the kitchen!

While the boys played Lego's on the landing area the girls were having fun in The Kuch kids' bedroom. This was the only picture I have of that room. It had a bunk bed and then a twin bed with a trundle. 

On Tuesday night after we had all gotten back from our visit to Ocean Shores, Pa had surprises for all of us. All the bigger boys got water squirters to use in the pool. The girls got these cute reusable sticker books, the adult guys got chocolate bars, Christina got this cute wine bottle holder, Stephie got Christmas salt and pepper shakers and I got a platter that matches a dish set I have at home. Zeke got his surprise earlier in the trip when Ga-Ga and Pa first showed up at the house they had this cool truck for him. 

Of course he spent hours playing with it! 

On top of the sticker book Ella also got a special surprise. Ga-Ga found her a locket with her name. She was so upset because the store didn't have lockets with Anna or Addison's names on them or she would of course gotten them each a locket too! Ella is in love with it. She loves the original Annie movie so she thinks it's cool that she has a locket like Annie. Of course she's a bit rough with things so the original chain it came on was broken within a day. Thankfully Ga-Ga had brought some other jewelry so she put it on one of her chains...that's why the locket is silver and the chain is gold.

When it was time to leave we thought it would be fun to take pictures by the sign for the house!

 Bill, Christina, Caleb, Anna and Addison! 

Me and my kiddos! 

Ga-Ga & Pa! 

We should have taken a picture of Ryan and Stephie by their house sign, but I didn't think of that!!! 

Because we had to wait until the ceramic store opened at 11am we ended up getting to enjoy the house until practically the final minute...since check out is at 11am. We sure took advantage of all our time there! Because Michael had to leave a day early he ended up taking Ga-Ga & Pa's SUV and then Pa drove my van with Ga-Ga and all 5 of us in it.

The first stop was the ceramic shop! Uncle Ry and Aunt Stephie had to pick up their masterpieces as well. This isn't a very good picture, but she was so proud of her fairy! 

Because Pa was driving Ga-Ga was in the passenger seat...that meant that I got to sit in the way back next to Ella and Owen. While I was sitting there Owen got so excited! He had blown his first bubble with gum! I can't tell you how excited I was for him! And to be able to be right next to him when he did it. The happiness in his eyes was so amazing! He spent pretty much the whole way home practicing and practicing. 

I even texted Michael a picture so he could see. Owen thinks it's super cool that he can do something that Daddy can't! 

On our drive home we ended up stopping at the kids favorite place to eat...The Black Bear Diner. They seriously love this place more than MCD's. By this point Zeke man was TIRED! Of course Pa loved every minute of it. 

Ga-Ga & Pa were actually going to take Ella and Zeke home and keep them for two days because Michael and I had a surprise for the two older boys. She was so excited to show Daddy her fairy that Ga-Ga & Pa waited until after 5pm to leave. 

Didn't her fairy turn out so great!!! 

Ella was really sad and didn't want to go...she missed me when I was in Indianapolis and then the beach trip was crazy and then having to go to Ga-Ga & Pa's and miss me again. I felt so sad that she had to go, but thankfully she cheered up a bit when it was time to go. I think I need to plan another fun Mommy/Daugher outing for us soon! 

My dream vacation turned out so great!!! I loved every minute of it and I can't wait to go back to Seabrook again. Thank you Mom, Dad, Ryan, Steph and Bill & Christina for making this trip possible!