Sunday, October 4, 2015

My Dream Vacation - Day 4

Our last full day at the house we didn't really have anything special planned...we just knew we wanted to hang out and relax. 

We took the kids back to the park since they loved it so much! 

Doesn't look too comfy Pa!!! 

We walked back to The Stump to check it out again. Zeke wasn't really in a good mood the first time we visited so it was nice to get a picture of him enjoying himself this time. 


Later on we took our kids down the trail to the beach.

On the walk we saw all these cute fairy houses that people had built in the forest. 

It was so much fun hearing the kids use their imagination...."look mom there's Tinkerbell's house"! The next time we come back we are definitely going to have to built a fairy house of our own. 

The beach was amazing!!! So glassy! 

Michael and I could not tell if the water was going out or coming in. It was WAY out there already, but then the waves would go out even further. Then after a few minutes they would come in SO far. It was really awesome! 

After the boys asked for me to roll up their pants I figured I should do the same and just have some fun with them. 

I hate that feeling of the sand being washed out from under my feet! We sang the "Wise Man Built His House Upon The Rock" song quite a bit on this trip! 

When the water would come in it would only be a few inches deep, but it made it look like we were standing so far out!!!

I did talk to the boys about how it only takes a couple of inches of fast moving water to put you on your butt so I showed them the stance they should have so they'd be better prepared for the waves. 

We also talked about how you never put your back to the ocean. 

The foam was the only real gross part. I have no idea what it is, but it sure made me itchy! 

I love how the ocean is always changing! 

The sound is so soothing! 

It's size and the magnitude of it's power! 

I love getting to bask in the glory of God's Creation! 

If my feet weren't frozen and my legs weren't so itchy I could have stayed out there for hours! 

These two boys sure had fun playing in the water with Mommy! 

Daddy spent most of the time further inland with Ella and Zeke while they were flying the kite. 

I love pictures of seagulls! 

We took a different route back to the house. 

We had to climb up a bunch of stairs. I was so proud of Zeke....he's normally such a lazy boy when it comes to walking, but this time he walked the entire way down to the beach and back except for when it was time to cross the busy road....Daddy carried him for that part. 

Later on that night we had spaghetti for dinner and then we took the kids to the pool again. When we were first planning this trip we were going to check in on Saturday and then leave on Wednesday...that was the little snag I talked about in my MOMcon post. We ended up having to shift the beach trip by a day so instead of just taking off Monday - Wednesday everyone needed to take off Thursday as well. all the craziness I didn't actually mention this to Michael. And as it turned out they weren't letting anyone take more vacation because too many people were out already. So Michael had to go home on Wednesday night instead of getting to stay until Thursday. I was totally bummed and upset at myself for this oversight, but he was fine with it and I did have plenty of people to help me with the kids so it all worked out in the end. 

After Michael left we played more games and let the kids watch Peter Pan in the game room and then Stephie, Ryan, Ga-Ga and I watched the season premier of Survivor. I haven't watched Survivor in years, but this season actually looks fun!