Wednesday, October 7, 2015

God's Not Dead!

Earlier this year we introduced the kids to the movie God's Not Dead. Of course they didn't understand the whole thing, but they LOVED the concert at the end. Fast forward a couple months and I saw that the Newboys were coming to Overlake Church. I talked with Michael and we decided to buy a family 4 pack so we could take the boys. I really want my kids to love good Christian music that speaks truth and is also super awesome!! 

We didn't tell the boys that we were going until that night...we got it on video and I posted that on FB. This was the day after we got back from our Seabrook vacation....yes we are crazy busy! My parents took Ella and Zeke home with them on Thursday night so we could just leave once Michael got home from work on Friday. Overlake is quite a ways from our house and I had no idea how bad traffic was going to be. It ended up not being that bad and we were a whole hour early. We did have to stand outside for a bit before they opened the doors, but that just gave the boys some time to try to climb the trees. 

We got seats in almost the last row of the first section down front. They were really nice seats actually! 

The hour wait was of course the hardest for the boys. It was fun people watching though! 

There were a lot of people there and we even saw a few people from our church and our old associate pastor and his boys. 

Of course the main act never comes out first. We got to hear Ryan Stevenson and Hawk Nelson....they were both great. Of course the concert didn't start until 7pm and it was after 8pm before The Newsboys came out. By this time Owen and Jack were already pooped. They had just had a crazy week of vacation and then school earlier in the day and now the concert. 

They perked up once The Newsboys came out. They both stood on the pew so they could see better. Owen was hilarious...every time he'd hear a song that he'd heard before on the radio he would lean over and scream "RADIO" in my ear!!! 

The boys did end up almost falling asleep. Owen cried twice because he was so tired! Of course the song God's Not Dead was almost the last song they sang, but we had to stay for that! They really did have a great time. 

Highlight of the night was definitely seeing the drummer whole drum set spinning around and around at a 90 degree angle while he was just jammed out. So cool! Owen has a fascination with their drummer. He thinks it's funny that he keeps his mouth open while he's drumming. 

Downside of the night was just how loud it was. I know it's a concert, but each musician it just got louder and louder. Some of The Newsboys songs were hard to even hear because of how loud it was. 

Verdict....we loved the concert and I would love to take them again I think we will just stick with an outdoor venue though!