Thursday, October 8, 2015

Loose Tooth...Or Lack There Of!

Ever since Jack was first brought to the dentist when he was a little guy the dentist has been saying that he will most likely have to have braces. Poor boys mouth is so small and his teeth are just wedged gaps at all...even with teeny tiny baby teeth! Then at the end of last year Jack finally lost his first and second tooth. Because his teeth were so swished together those two adult teeth were growing in totally wrong....instead of looking like two closed doors they were wide open doors. His teeth were trying to fix themselves, but the two teeth besides the new adult teeth were just not budging at all. At his last dentist visit this summer our dentist recommended that those teeth on the sides be extracted so his new adult teeth would have more room. I kept thinking that once we made the appointment to have the procedure that sure enough those teeth would get wiggly and fall such luck! 

Jackson all ready to get some work done on his teeth! 

Show me those pearly whites!!! 

At first Ella was in the room with us, but she couldn't stay for the procedure....she was having a procedure after Jack and it's policy that they don't want other children in the room since they could freak out. So she waited in the waiting room...they have iPads, books and a TV so she was well entertained. My friend Alicia was able to watch Zeke for me otherwise there would have been no way I could have stayed for the procedure.

I love our dentist office! They do everything they can to make the kids feel super comfortable. Jack was able to watch the movie UP during the whole procedure. He was also given laughing gas to relax him. 

I'm always very honest with my kids about these types of things. I explain what's going to happen and I don't sugarcoat it at all. He knew that he was going to get a shot, but he knew they were going to rub the numbing gel on and he'd have the gas so he wouldn't feel it. The dentist was so good about explaining what she was doing and showing him how it would feel by blowing the air from the hose on his arm or pushing on his arm so he would know what the pressure was going to feel like. She didn't want him to be surprised by anything. 

Jack did SO great! The numbing part took longer than the tooth pulling part. It was so fast...two teeth out in under 1 minute. On top of getting two teeth pulled he also got sealants put on his permanent molars! I was so proud of him!

Then it was Ella's turn...Jack had to wait in the waiting room so I could stay with her. She wasn't having any teeth pulled, but she did have two cavities that needed to be address and she needed sealants as well. 

Ella also got to watch UP, but unfortunately she wasn't able to hear it since the headphones needed to be recharged. She was fine just watching it though! 

She is such a rock star!!! She did awesome! She had to have a "raincoat" as they call it on her tooth so none of the sugar bugs would go down her throat. She didn't freak out at all. I hate that thing! I feel like I'm suffocating! Easy peasy for her though! 

On the way home Jack started having some pain so once we got home I gave him some Children's Ibuprofen to help. Now he's got some nice room on either side of those adult teeth so they can move into the proper place! 

Check out those teeth!!! BABY teeth I might add!!! Seriously I measured them...they are almost 3/4 of an inch long! No wonder they weren't going anywhere. I have a feeling that he might have to have more of his teeth extracted in the future. 

I thought his gums might be extra sensitive and he might not eat well afterwards, but boy was I wrong. This kid was HUNGRY! I'm not sure if it was because he didn't eat a big breakfast or because all of the adrenaline, but both him and Ella were serious eaters for the rest of the day. 

The cutest thing about the whole day was on the way home Ella piped up from the backseat and said in an accusatory tone...."They didn't even give me a shot MOM!" I had told her the day before how she would be getting a shot during the procedure and she wasn't too happy about it. Then I explained that she did get a shot she just didn't feel it at all. It was so funny that she sounded a bit peeved because she thought she didn't get that shot! Silly girl!