Wednesday, March 16, 2016

Dash Point State Park & The Long Sick Saga Story!

Saturday February 27th was the last normal healthy day we had. Seriously one or more of us has been sick for almost 20 days!! So frustrating! That morning we all felt great. We had friends from church come over and hang out and have lunch with us. We had been contemplating buying a Discovery Pass for a few weeks and we decided that we just needed to do it. I went upstairs for a bit while the kids got ready. By the time I came down my throat was really hurting so I asked Michael to take the kids without me while I went and laid down. Of course I handed him the camera and said, "Take pictures I need to blog!" :) 

He was going to just purchase the pass from the guy at the little booth, but there ended up not being a guy at the little booth. So Michael used his phone and purchased it online. The only problem was you can't print the confirmation from you phone so technically he could get a fine for not having proof of the pass. He said that he parked in the middle with a bunch of other cars and then he hung up our mirror hanger that we got when we bought our National Park Pass a couple years ago. Wouldn't hurt right? 

The kids had been so cooped up that they were happy to be out and exploring. Of course now they've been cooped up even more with all this sickness! I can't wait until we are all healthy! 

I'm pretty sure Michael took this because Ella probably asked to go to the bathroom at least 3 times while they were there. This is so her MO! She drives me crazy! 

They went at a perfect time since the tide was really out there! 

The day was great too. I think the rain held off until they got home. 

Cute cheeser! 

Picture #1.....hood up! 

Picture #2....hood down! Owen will wear his hood up all day, inside or out and it drives Michael crazy!

The kids wanted to go exploring up a was over a mile and they did great. 

Michael was worried about Zeke because he's a lazy guy, but he was awesome. Michael said he only complained that his legs were tired once and he didn't ask to be picked up at all. 

It's hard to tell, but when they walked out onto the beach Michael said there were thousands...yes thousands of sand dollars. All different sizes. 

He said there were so many it was impossible to not step on some of them. 

They are hard to see because they are alive so there can just make out the little round shapes. Of course they brought home a few and we put them in bleach to whiten them up. They are going to be added to our shell collection in the bathroom. 

Later that night all the sickness really got going when Ella puked while we were watching Star Trek. We stayed home from church because we didn't want to share germs. Ella ended up being sick for 3 days. She went to school starting on Tuesday and was there all week, but she still had the awful cough. Jackson started puking on Thursday morning and was out of school Thursday and Friday. Saturday night I ended up getting sick so I stayed home from church while Michael took the kids since they all seemed better. Right after church Michael started getting sick. He stayed home from work on Monday. Monday I felt better, but overdid it so I didn't go to BSF that night. Tuesday morning Michael felt better and went to work and I felt good enough to go to MOPS. Michael felt horrible when he got home so he was off work both Wednesday and Thursday. I overdid it again and was feeling worn out...mainly because I hadn't gotten a good night sleep in a long time. Also on Wednesday morning Ella started puking again. She was sick this time with a fever that just wouldn't go away and stay away for almost 5 days. On Thursday while Michael stayed home I went in to volunteer at school because I hate not doing what I've said I would do. I felt okay, but then once I got to school I started to get hot and then cold and knew I was getting worse. I finished up what I needed to and then went home. I was pretty much in bed Friday - Sunday. Of course we all stayed home from church on Sunday. On Sunday night Owen started puking. He ended up staying home on Monday, but Michael went back to work. Ella did go to school on Monday, but when I picked her up the poor thing looked like she might burst into tears. She did when we got home. She said her tummy hurt so bad. She had barely eaten anything so I figured it was that. Everything she wants to eat doesn't taste good. That happens to me when I get sick too. Eating becomes a chore! Tuesday was Ella's first field trip to the zoo, but there was no way I was going to let her go out in the elements not feeling good. I knew that after so many days being sick and not eating much that she would not have the energy she'd need to do all that walking. Owen was feeling a little better, but his eyes looked so creepy. Not pink eye, but just super red and scary movie like. I decided to keep them both home on Tuesday and enough was enough we were going to the Dr. Their appointment was at 8:20am on Tuesday morning....this is now March 15th....18 days after this whole thing started mind you! The Dr checked out Ella and found that she has a sinus infection and Owen didn't have pink eye, but his eyes looked like someone with really bad allergies so she prescribed antibiotics for Ella and eye drops for Owen. Zeke is the one I can't pinpoint when he got sick. He always has a runny nose it seems but he did get a cough at some point. I'm not sure if he has had a fever....Michael literally dealt with the kids almost all day on Saturday and Sunday while I was in bed. Today is Wednesday the 16th and finally all 3 of the kids are back in school. Ella has started her meds and I've put eye drops in Owen's eyes 3 times now and they aren't looking nearly as creepy. As for Jackson....that kids body has getting sick down pat! He literally was sick for those 2 days and that's it! Period! Nothing runny loss of energy. He's honestly been so healthy and active for all us sickies that it's been down right annoying. I say that with love really! I honestly told him I was going to ship him off to Ga-Ga & Pa's house since he was just too much for those of us not feeling well. Instead I sent him outside so he could go be a crazy child out there. Honestly I'm so happy he's doing great! Today Michael finally bit the bullet and is going into the Dr. He's pretty sure he has a sinus infection as well. I'm still resisting going in. I really dislike going to the Dr. My head feels like I'm in a fish bowl and being squeeze by a vise gripe, but other than that I am slowly getting better. As for Zeke he put himself back to bed this morning after I got him dressed. We are not in the clear yet, but we are on the road to recovery. When we have enough energy we are going to go around the house with antibacterial wipes and clean every surfaces in the house. Geesh I tired from writing all that! 


Melody said...

Oh man!! You poor thing! That sounds like us last month...minus the puke, lol : ) We got hit really hard by the flu Simon had a high fever for 7 days and lost the ability walk for two!! It was pretty scary. And I was flat on the couch parenting kids as best I could in pathetic sick state. And since then I think I've had a kid home at least one day every week with random colds and such. Summer can't come soon enough!!!!! Hope you are on your way to healthy!!!!