Wednesday, April 27, 2016

First Time Skating!

The Friday of spring break was the day we were going to Asmeriah's party. Thankfully Jackson was finally feeling better. Michael was tired from working and I knew that I didn't want to bring all 4 kids by myself so he kept Owen and Zeke at home. Owen wasn't really interested in skating and Zeke would honestly be such a mess. He is the clumsiest kid around!  

Picture with the birthday girl!!! 

I figured that this was the first time I had been skating since the late 90's! I used to spend every Friday night at Skate King in Bellevue for Christian skate night. That was totally my jam! Back then they didn't have these cool PVC things that help kids learn. They are basically walkers for children on castor wheels. 

I only brought my phone so the pictures aren't the best. After the first picture with the walker things I ended up finding a taller one for Jack since he was having to bend over too far with the smaller one. Jackson tried so hard to skate and actually get it. He unfortunately is just like his father and was all over the place. I tried explaining to him it's the same sort of thing like sliding on your socks at home, but he still wasn't getting it. Ella on the other hand really did great! She took to it right away. Jackson ending up falling probably around 20 times and Ella only fell 3 times. 

Taking a break from all that hard work!

Picture with Mama! 

The party was so fun and it was so nice to try out skating with the kids and not have to pay. I had so much fun skating myself. It took me a couple laps, but I got my skating legs back. I could have spend hours out there! I was already sore from all the yard work we had been doing and I could definitely feel my backside getting sore from skating. My biggest worry though was getting a blister on my foot...thankfully that didn't happen! 

I think it would be fun for me to Jack and Ella again another time. They have family night on Wednesday nights so I might just have to do that sometime this summer!