Saturday, April 9, 2016

Riverview Community Church Annual Easter Egg Hunt!

Our church had our annual Easter Egg Hunt the Saturday before Easter. The weather was perfect! 

Meeting the Easter Bunny! Zeke was leaning into me so hard. He was actually almost making me fall over! 

We got to sit down on the floor of the auditorium and watch a few movie shorts before the festivities began. 

After the movie shorts Ms. Colleen, Ms. Gretchen and Mr. Scott got up and chatted a bit about upcoming events at church. Then they started the raffle. Of course Owen was super bummed that his number wasn't being called. 

Lo and behold a few moments later his number got called! 

Out of all the giant Easter baskets he chooses the the giant chocolate bunny! He cracks me up!

Then it was Egg Hunting time! We had to split up again like we did last year. Michael took Owen and Jack to the 2nd & 3rd grade area while I took Ella and Zeke to the Preschool Hunt. 

Waiting to begin! 

Look at all those pretty eggs! 

There was definitely enough eggs! 

And she's off! 

Ella was on a roll right off the bat! 

Zeke however was almost in tears because the eggs were wet....they had dew on them! For a kid with texture issues this was the end of the world. I ended up having to pick up a couple eggs to get him to warm up to the idea. 

Ella on the other had was quite comfortable with going wherever the eggs led her! 


He was still being a bit picky in regards to color....he wanted red eggs because they matched his bucket! 

Overall he did great and was quite happy! 

He came up to me and said, "Can this be enough?" 

Happy Girl! 

Michael said that the older kids hunt was hilarious! Those kids are like locust! That field was cleared in no time! 

Owen's basket was perfect for the's from the Dollar Tree, but once we recycled their eggs his candy kept falling out so we had to use one of the bags that the church provided. Next we need to remember baskets with no holes! 

Michael stayed outside with the boys so they could go on the inflatables. I took Ella and Zeke inside to see if we could get Ella's face painted, but the line was crazy long.  

Instead we decided to sort through candy and eat some! 


Once we got home Owen wanted to dig into his bunny. I accidentally pushed through his ear when I was taking him out of the box! Oops! 


He ate off the eyes! 

There was a bowl of cocoa puffs on the table and Michael thought it would be funny to make it look like a trail of bunny poo! 

Owen took a few more bites out of him and then I decided to make a hole on the backside and drop some cocoa puffs inside. 

The kids got a kick out of the chocolate bunny pooping cocoa puffs! I think I definitely earns some points with my boys for that one!