Saturday, April 2, 2016

Owen's Crazy Cart AKA My 9 Year Is Already In Debt!

Now is when I'll tell you the story behind why Owen owe's $45! 

It all started a couple weekends ago....our neighbor boys came home and they had this super cool Razor Crazy Cart. Seriously it's crazy! It can spin and it drifts and it goes 12 MPH. About an hour after we saw them riding it the first time we checked again and there wasn't one Crazy Cart there were two! Dominic just couldn't stand sharing so he went back to the store and bought another one. The boys were super nice and were letting Owen have a turn. Of course Owen LOVED it. Since this was right around the time we started Financial Peace Junior with the kids this was the first thing that Owen decided he wanted to save for. Owen told us that Dominic said it cost $74 at Wal-Mart. I was absolutely sure that Owen misheard him because they have another ride on toy that is super cool and it was $99 and it was pedal powered! 

A few days later I was outside with the kids and I asked Dominic about it and he confirmed that it was $74 and he said that there was only one left. That's when I went online to check and found them listed at $350!!!!! 

We just happened to need to go out that night and by happened I mean that I needed to return a steam mop I bought at Costco earlier in the day that had been opened, used and then put back in the box. It was the nastiest smelling thing ever! I was so mad, but in actually it was a good thing. On our way to Costco I decided that it might be a good idea to check into this and see if it was for real. I warned Owen that it might not actually be there since there was only one left and it had been days since Dominic bought his. We walked back to the bike section and at first glance we didn't see one. Of course Owen was super bummed. I thought lets just look again and that's when I looked up and there it was on the top shelf. 

Of course I needed help getting it down and as I'm sure you've guess by now it took is Wal-Mart! It was super frustrating especially because I had ordered a pizza at Costco and we were going to be late and I had hungry crabby kids with me. We finally got checked out and I was able to call Costco and update our pizza order to a later time. 

After dinner Michael got right to work putting it together. It really didn't take long I think he only had to put the steering wheel on. 

This kid is in heaven!!!! 

He was going up and down the street like a crazy man! 

It wasn't fully charged so it wasn't able to reach it's top speed of 12 MPH. 

That didn't stop him from stepping on the gas though! 

It only took him a couple days and he was a total pro on it. I've ridden it a few times and it is CRAZY! It honestly freaks me out. I feel like I'm going to fly off the thing. It's definitely not my cup of tea. I'm glad he's happy though! 

As the sign says it was originally $299 marked down to $74!!!! I'm still not sure if that was an error or not. Even if they left off a 1 at the beginning that would still be a screaming deal. 

When we got home Owen brought down all his cash and he had $24. A few days later was payday and he had $5 left over after he put money in his give and spend envelopes so that's why he now owes me $45. I did explain that this situation was something that is going to be rare. The only reason I bought it for him was because of the screaming awesome deal it was. By the time he would have saved up $74 it would have been gone. There was no way I was going to make him wait and then he'd end up having to save hundreds of dollars in order to buy it. Of course Jackson thought that this meant that I would buy him something and he could owe me money as well.! 

This has been a good lesson for the's totally an exception to our normal rule of save the cash first and then buy. Owen has been told that if he decides to slack off on his jobs that his Crazy Cart will be repossessed! So far he's kept up with his hard work so I don't see that happening, but it just goes to show you that scripture verse is true about the borrower being a slave to the lender!