Sunday, April 24, 2016

School Informance!

Back in March Michael was gone for a few days at a work conference. During that time the kids music teacher had an informance for the 2nd graders. It's not a performance where the kids get on stage and sing for us it was a meeting where the music teacher and the kids informed their parents on the things they have been learning...hence the name informance! 

It's crazy, but this was actually the first time I've ever been alone with all 4 kids overnight! Michael is usually the one being left home with the kids since I will go away on girls weekends with my friends. The last time Michael went away overnight and left me home with the kids was about two weeks before Ella was born! 

To say I was stressed was an understatement. First off this was day two of me being with the kids by myself and we were all having an off day. Owen was being a pill because it wasn't all about him! He wasn't paying attention and he was doing things even when I had repeatedly told him not too. It took everything in me not to yell at him in public. 

Jack did get up on the stage with the other 2nd graders and sing for a little bit. 

Overall when I push away what was going on with Owen I had a great time. It was so fun to learn some things about music and find out what Jack is being taught. I really think our school is so blessed with our music teacher. Mr. Watters is new to our school this year and he has organized so many fun things for the kids it's just great! 

After it was over Owen had to get a picture with his favorite past teacher....he loves Ms. Davidson and has to give her a hug whenever he sees her! 

Jackson also needed a picture with his teacher. I was so happy when I found out that Jack was going into Ms. Davidson's classroom at the beginning of the year. He has really excelled in her class! 

Jack, Asmeriah (Asmeriah's sister) & Jordan! 

When we were getting ready to go I decided to see if I could talk with one of the kids parents. Asmeriah is in Jack's class and he had been invited to her birthday party. Actually the invitation said Jackson & family. The party was at Patteson's West Skating in Federal Way and I wanted to find out what Jackson & Family actually meant! I met Erica and she said yes that our whole family could come! They had rented the whole skating rink for the party so everyone was invited. I was floored! What a blessing since our kids had never been skating before! 

Jackson really likes Asmeriah so it was fun that she invited him, Jordan and a couple other kids to her party. I did tell Jackson not to get any ideas....we are not going to rent out a whole skating rink for his birthday party! :)