Monday, April 25, 2016

Please Don't Read & Drive!

During the week the kids were on spring break Kim and her kids came over to hang out and play. The weather was so nice that we were outside most of the time. The kids were having fun riding anything and everything until eventually 5 kids were riding on the Ram at once. Jackson was sick for most of spring break and he had gone in. Although I didn't notice until we all came in....that's a lot of kids to keep track of...I figured he was somewhere in all that mess! 

Anyway....Caitlynn also wasn't on the Ram. She was in the Jeep in the background. She's never really driven any of the Power Wheels and she's still learning. She pretty much was just pushing the pedal and letting the Jeep go where ever it wanted to. During this particular occasion she was sitting in the passenger seat, pushing the pedal, reading a book and driving in a big huge circle. It was so hilarious! 

Thank goodness driving is a quite a few years away for this sweet girl! ;) don't drive from the passenger seat and read while doing it?!?!?!