Tuesday, April 26, 2016

Wheels & Water!

Thursday April 7th was a super busy day. First we were supposed to meet at my friend Natalie's house to play, but then Jack still had a temperature so we had to alter the plans. We hadn't really been able to get together all year so we didn't want to cancel. Instead of us going to her house and spreading our germs we decided to meet at the school so the kids could play together and we could chat. Even though Jack had a temperature he was feeling good so I didn't feel bad taking him out to play.  

The kids wanted to bring their riding toys so they could ride around the concrete area at the school. There is this fun ramp that they enjoyed going down. 

Zeke is so good at his scooter...it still scares me a little when I see him going so fast though! 

Ella's turn! 

Jackson is getting more and more daring with his bike...slowly, but surely! 

Natalie and I had a lot of fun catching up and the kids had fun getting to do things they normally can't do at school because of the rules. 

We had to cut our time short though because the dirt and gravel were being delivered to our house and the only time frame the lady could give me was after noon. So I made sure we were home before noon. 

Since it was pretty nice out the kids wanted to run through the sprinkler. 

Zeke looks so thrilled here...not sure what he was sad about though! 

Jackson running through!

Ella's turn!

Even thought it was beautiful out there was a slight breeze and it was a little chilly. Zeke didn't even attempt to get wet! 

They decided they should line my bench with their towels and sit on it. 

Cute milky white skin! In will only take a few weeks of summer break and they will be brown as biscuits! 

Owen wasn't interested in the water...he was too busy riding his Crazy Cart. Side Note: He only owes $35 now!

What do you do after all that fun? You eat the leftover Tuxedo cake from Easter that Mom forgot about in the frig out in the garage. 

Who needs plates...we just need forks! 

Serious eater! 

Mmmm....that was yummy! 


We are all about bunny ears right now! 

So much in fact Zeke gives them to himself! 

My sweet 6 year old girl! 

He's a goofball! 

Jackson in his Spiderman pose and Ella making upside down bunny ears! 

He's such a cool dude! 

A few hours later the truck showed up with all the dirt and gravel and it was time to work!