Monday, April 16, 2018

Easter Sunday!

Unfortunately I did not get one picture of our family together in our Easter clothes! I was singing in the choir at both services and by the time I got home Ella was out of her dress and she had already ruined her tights. Oh well! 

Ga-Ga & Pa were out of town for Easter this year and with me singing at church there was no way I would have time to get dinner ready so our lovely friends/family the Kuch's decided to host us for Easter this year. It was so much fun to spend the day with them! 

The moment Ella walked in the door the girls were there with a gift for her. They all had these cute girly hats! 

The girls had also helped with setting the table and making name cards for everyone. It was so cute! 

After eating and visiting for a while we decided we should probably have the egg hunt with the kids. This year I decided to do something different with the eggs. Normally Ga-Ga has enough eggs for each kiddo to have 7. We usually tell the older boys to make sure to leave the easier to find eggs for the younger kids and go for the eggs that are higher up. In all the excitement it can be hard to stop at just 7 eggs though. I just happen to see this idea on's where you put numbers on the eggs and then assign a child a certain number. I went with order of birth. Owen was 1, Jack was 2, Caleb was 3, Ella was 4, Anna was 5, Addison was 6 and Zeke was 7. They each had 8 eggs with their number on it. 

The weather was really gross out so we had to have the egg hunt inside. We had the kids stay upstairs and then hid the eggs all around the first floor. Then we had them gather on the stairs for the obligatory picture! 

Since the kids had to find their exact number they really had to find almost every egg. 

If they found an egg that wasn't their they were supposed to leave it so the correct person could find it. 

What I thought was fun was that kids would find an egg that was a certain number and then they were helping the person who was that number find it. It was sweet! 

A few times the kids were getting frustrated since they felt like they were never going to find their eggs. 

I didn't pay attention to where I hid each egg so some of the kids had quite a few eggs that were harder to find. I should have tried to even it out a bit so they would have had some easy ones and a couple harder ones as well. 

I tried to keep the eggs to the living room, front room, and bathroom. 
The shoes in front of the sliding glass door were the only place I hid eggs in the dinning area. 

The kids were hunting eggs all the while Michael and Bill just kept right on visiting! :) 

My dear friend and I! We do not get to see each other enough though! 

Eventually the kids were able to find more and more eggs. 

Christina and I would help by giving hints. 

Like Ella maybe you should check out the shoes over here. 

Or Owen you should go see if your coat needs to be hung up. 

Or Addison you should go sit in your mom's office chair.

When it was all said and done the kids each got 6 eggs with candy and 2 with money. 

Each kiddos got $1.10 in change. The best part about the number system as I could guarantee that Ella wasn't going to get any candy she couldn't eat. I really liked it! Hopefully next year the weather will be nicer so we can go back to having the egg hunt outside! 

Thank you Bill & Christina for opening your home to the Martin's. The food and fellowship was great. It's always wonderful to spend time with family! Love you guys!