Saturday, April 7, 2018

Unexpected Snow Day!

On February 21st it had been snowing a bit, but it wasn't sticky at all. Then later on that night I went to let Charlie either in or out and noticed that it was! This was totally unexpected. Normally in Washington they are super reserved about snow and they cry wolf all the time and we end up with nothing. This time there wasn't anything about snow in the reports. It was just a total fluke! 

I wasn't surprised at all when I was woke up early in the morning by my phone ringing and it was the school district saying that school was 2 hours late! 

Thankfully there was enough snow to actually play in. We've had school be late and there wasn't even  enough to make a snowball. 

I was inside getting ready when Ella came running inside and said..."Mommy....Our house is BROKE!!!" She was very dramatic! I figured it wasn't anything big, but went out to check on it just to appease her. Oh my goodness....she was right! I took the above picture and texted it to Michael. This was the start of a whole other adventure which I'll blog about soon! 

Since it was Thursday I knew that Rachael had to be at work by 8:15 so I texted her and told her she could drop the girls off and I'd take them to school when it was time. 

Of course Ella...


and Kendra had a great time playing in the snow together. 

The slide is always a hit when it snows! 

The snow did look so pretty!! 

Even the fire hydrant in the back looked nice! 

Of course school ended up being canceled altogether! Sheesh!! Rachael came over after work around lunch time and had lunch with us and then took the girls home. I needed to go to work and get a few things done. I took all the kids with me and it was quite an adventure. Just a foreshadow of what it will be like this summer when I have to bring them to work with me every once and a while. Let's home that it really is EVERY once in a while. 

Having this snow day when we did was a really nice dress rehearsal for going to the mountains a few days later. I knew exactly what hats and gloves the kids like and didn't like. Gotta find a silver lining!