Wednesday, April 11, 2018

Value Village Finds!

With Michael getting the promotion to General Manager he needed new clothes! The weekend after he got the job was President Day weekend. Value Village always has 50% off on Sunday and Monday for a holiday weekend. Ga-Ga & Pa came to church with us on Sunday and then took the kids home with them to spend the night. Michael and I got to go out to lunch and then we headed over to the Value Village in Kent to do some shopping. I can't remember if we went and saw a movie too or if we just got a movie at the Redbox and took it home. Either way we had a nice time! The next day we went to another Value Village in Puyallup and then ate at the Bourbon Street Bar and Grill in Puyallup. If you've never been you need to go. It's seriously a hole in the wall place, but the food was AMAZING!!! 

I posted some information about this on FB, but I didn't want to say why we were getting Michael new clothes. I just said that Michael needed a new wardrobe and he did! We took 2-30 gallon lawn and leaf bags to donate to Value Village. Some of the clothes Michael had were back from when we first got married almost 19 years ago. Yeah he needed an update for sure! 

The total for all these clothes came to $225!!

I got 2 sweaters, 7 tank tops...

3 cover up sweaters, 4 love sleeve shirts & 2 short sleeve shirts. 

I got Ella 2 short sleeve shirts, 2 long sleeve shirts and one romper. 

This shirt says...One ray of sunshine goes a long way. 

Michael got...1 pair of jeans, 3 pairs of slacks and 2 pairs of dress shoes.

Here's his third pair of slacks. He's not so sure about them. I think they look amazing. He said he's never going to wear these to work, but he'll wear them to church. 

3 long sleeve button up shirts

2 short sleeve button up shirts & 5 polo shirts. 

The biggest purchase were the 14 long sleeve sweaters!!!

The funny thing is the light gray on in the front on the left is now Jack's sweater. I washed it in cold and dried it accordingly, but it shrunk SO much it was hilarious! 

This is the sweater on the upper left side up close....I love the blue and green argyle look. 

So that's a grand total of 53 pieces of clothing for $225! Some of them even had the tags on them! That averages out to being $4.25 per piece. I love Value Village!!! 

I think Michael is done shopping for a while though! I did go to Wal-Mart and bought him 3 more pairs of Wrangler slacks and a couple packages of dress socks!  Can't wait to see him wearing all these business clothes everyday!