Saturday, April 14, 2018

The Dishwasher Saga!

Last year during the weekend of our churches Fall Festival we had the most crazy weekend of our lives. Part of that crazy weekend included getting a new dishwasher since our old one that was 15+ years old had finally given up the ghost. Michael wasn't able to fix it due to a part that was so corroded he couldn't get it off. We ended up finding a Whirlpool dishwasher online and it looked good. My main requirement was having the silverware in the door. It opens up so much more space for more dishes and with us being a family of 6 we need all the space we can get.  

Here's that Whirlpool dishwasher! And thus beginnings the saga of the dishwasher. Almost right from the beginning we noticed that it's not drying the best. Like I said it was the end of October so we've got the holidays and everything and life is just too crazy. Finally Michael can't take it anymore so he decided to see if we could get someone to come out to check on the heating element since it's within the limited warranty time frame. 

First problem we can't find the receipt. Normally when I am with Michael buying something like this I would tape the original receipt to the user manual so we would know where it was. The problem was Michael went to the store to pick this up with the kids while I headed to the chiropractor since I had tweaked my neck the morning we bought it. Michael had no idea where the receipt was so he had to contact Lowe's and it took forever, but they finally found the purchase in their system. 

They scheduled a repairman to come out and check on the dishwasher. It took weeks because they had to cancel due to the repairman being sick, but finally a guy came out. He was super nice and basically said that dishwashers now a days aren't made like they used to be. That the only thing we could do was purchase the Jet Dry Finish Tabs and use the Jet Dry Rinse Aid. 

We did start to use that and it did help some, but after a while we started to notice that if you didn't rinse every. single. teeny. piece of food off the dishes would not get clean. We had had it by then. I was SO done with this machine. Plus I ended up getting a bill from the repairman for $120.01 because Whirlpool rejected the claim since nothing was actually wrong with the machine. 

About this time I went online to start looking at other machines. I also went to look at the reviews for the dishwasher we had and read how horrible this machine really is. We didn't have time to read the reviews before we purchased it....hello crazy weekend. Oh how I wish we had though. Whirlpool knows this machine is garbage and they just keep on manufacturing it. I wrote a horrible review myself and then Whirlpool contacted me they wanted to get another repairman to come out and the funny thing was the repairman they set us up with didn't even repair dishwashers. Just another thing in the long list of failures for them. 

By this point I was done!!! I decided to contacted Lowe's and see if we could possibly return this piece of junk. I ended up getting connected to Jill one of the managers at the Lowe's we bought the dishwasher from. She was amazing!!!! She went above and beyond! She created an account for us that had the exact amount we paid for the dishwasher and then we were able to go in and pick out the new dishwasher we wanted and the money from that account would go towards the new machine. She also set it up so the new dishwasher would be delivered and they would take the old machine away for us at no cost!!!! Talk about amazing! 

I had spent hours researching dishwashers and even asked friends on FB. Most of them said Bosch, but they were so expensive. I was at a loss! Michael came home and read all these reports and decided that Maytag was a great brand. My Aunt was the only person that had mentioned Maytag and she never buys bad quality stuff so I felt comfortable going with that choice. 

We ended up paying about the same price we paid for the Whirlpool after they applied the credit for what we originally paid for the Whirlpool. So it wasn't the cheapest dishwasher either. 

I was going to get white, but they don't even keep those in stock at the store. They were going to have to get it from the warehouse and it wasn't going to come in until April 4th. No thank you!!! I was so done with the Whirlpool I wanted it gone now! Our refrigerator and stove are both around 15 yrs old so we figure we'll need to replace those within the next 5 years so we'll just get stainless for those when we replace them and then everything will match. 

This dishwasher was scheduled to be delivered two days after we bought it. Michael had to disconnected the Whirlpool and take it out to the garage and then the delivery guys took it from there. I was actually at a birthday party with Ella when the dishwasher was delivered and by the time I got home Michael had it all installed. Oh my word! It works beautifully! I don't know maybe our Whirlpool was a dud. I did contact Whirlpool to see if they would cover the repair bill for $120.01, but they did not want to work with me at all. I told them that it's unfortunate they a good company isn't willing to manufacture good products and it's also unfortunate that they have lost a customer. 

I'm just so happy we have a working dishwasher and not just a working dishwasher a beast of a dishwasher. The first load I did I tested it. I loaded a skillet that had cooked both sausage and chicken in it and had all that cooked on brown stuff and I loaded a sauce pan that Michael had used to make the caramel sauce for popcorn. It was baked on! The dishwasher cleaned everything!!!!