Thursday, April 12, 2018

Random Stuff!

Just some random things that don't really belong in there own post.....

When I was putting Owen's 11 year old pictures in his frame I found this picture of the exact same pose. Owen was 4 years old on the left! My sweet boy! 

During Ella Grace's photo session they her wear this beautiful headband. I didn't end up choosing any of those pictures so I'm glad I took a picture of her myself. It was really pretty! 

Ella has been begging me to dye her hair pink for months! I found this stuff at Wal-Mart and it washes out in 3 - 4 washes so we gave it a try. 

Unfortunately I didn't pay attention to the color your original hair needed to be. This box was for super light blonde hair so it didn't even show up after we rinse the dye out. Another Mom fail! :( 

The had a Friday off from school for the end of the semester so we took advantage and went to a park and then had lunch at Costco. Owen had suggested that we get Slurpees at 7/11 and I was all for it and then Jack reminded me that each of the kids had a $5 gift card for Baskin Robbins. There have been quite a few closing so I thought is was a good idea to use those instead. When I drove up they had this sign advertising 2 quarts for $10.99. I was all about that. Instead of getting 4 cones the kids were able to each get a quart of ice cream and I only had to pay $4.21!!! Mom win! :) 

Ella loves her Charlie!!! 

Sometimes he does not feel the same! :) 

Random picture of my cart after shopping at Costco for the month. I keep thinking I need to do another monthly shopping post, but life gets in the way! We are still working with a food budget of $500 a month! I'm going to try to keep it there as long as I can! 

One night I was chilly and my slippers were in the laundry so I decided to grab some fuzzy socks. I reached in and grabbed my wool socks that my best friend Kim made me and lo and behold they matched the sweater I was wearing perfectly! Go figure! 

Even though they are 11, 9, 8 and 5 they still love to wrestle with Daddy!