Sunday, April 15, 2018

Egg Hunt!

Our church Egg Hunts were on Saturday, March 31st this year. We went back and forth on whether we should go to the 10am hunt or the 1pm hunt, but we ultimately decided earlier was better and chose the 10am hunt. 

Right when we walked up to register we saw the Chocolate Easter Bunny. This is actually a bear costume that one of our members changed the ears out to look like bunny ears. We just need to put some sort of wire in the ears so they'll stand up. :) 

Sitting in the auditorium waiting for the festivities to begin! 

Me and my man! 

I love getting individual pictures with each of my kiddos. 

Cute Zeke Man! 

Owen getting a taste of his own medicine....aka bunny ears! 

The event leaders for the day....L to R....Ms. Gretchen, Easter Bunny, Ms. Colleen and Mr. Scott. While in the auditorium they talk about all the upcoming family fun events and then they did a raffle drawing for all the prizes sitting on the stage. The kids tickets were so close a couple times, but no winners! 

Michael and I always split up for the Egg Hunts. He takes the older boys up to the upper field and I take the young two to the lower field. 

Ready to hunt some eggs! 

Michel snapped a picture of us from the upper field. 


There were over 10,000 eggs for each hunt so there was not a shortage of eggs by any means! 

Everywhere they turned there were more eggs! 

And more eggs! 

And more eggs! 

This was Ella saying...."I'm done!" 

She had a nice full bag of eggs! 

All done Zeke?!?!

The big boys getting ready to go! 

And their off! 

And just like that it's over! Michael doesn't really take pictures during the actual hunt part he takes videos instead. 

All done and ready to head in and check out his candy. 

Once Ella and Zeke's hunt was over which was literally around 1.5 minutes we booked it into the church to get to the room with the faceprinting. Most of the time right after the hunt people stay outside to take advantage of the bubbles and the inflatables, but once they come in the line for the faceprinting is CRAZY. I never take the kids to get their face painted because of that, but I thought I we would try this time around. It totally paid off because Ella was #2 in line and Zeke was #3! Mr. Joey was the one that painted Zeke's face. 

While Ms. Cindy painted Ella's. 

The outline for his batman mask! 

So pretty and sparkly! 

Zeke Man aka Batman! 

We met up with the boys in the now empty auditorium and dumped all the eggs out to see what candy they got. 

Of course we had to go through Ella's and have her siblings trade their chocolate candy for her dye candy. They love it and so does she! 

I was back to volunteer for the 1pm hunt passing out cotton candy and I was so glad we were at the 10am because it was so much busier at 1pm. All in all there were over 1225 people registered between both hunts so I would say it was a huge success!