Friday, September 28, 2018

Back To School Bash 2018!

Per tradition we had our Back to School Bash at Red Robin. We decided to go out for dinner early in hopes of beat the crowds plus I wanted to get home in time to have Bible Time and get the kids to bed at a decent hour. What I didn't think about was the fact that since it's not the rush time they don't have nearly as many servers working. 

These kids long any time they get with Daddy! 

We did miss Ga-Ga & Pa being there since they were in Wyoming.  

We let each of the kids order from the kids menu. We had never realized that the kids sides were never-ending so Jack was pretty pumped to be able to order as many mandarin oranges as he wanted to. 

Right before we were seated Jack and I had just gotten back from going to Target. We had walked from Red Robin because he needed a white undershirt for school the next day. Oh my....going to the store the day before school starts is not a good idea. That place was a disaster! Thankfully they had a bag of white undershirts so it didn't take us long, but everything else was pretty slim pickings. 

My handsome middle schooler! 

Owen was not looking forward to middle school at all. He was staying at Woodmont, but he was concerned that a certain student from last year was also staying at Woodmont. I tried to get him to talk to the Vice Principal prior to school starting, but he didn't want to. 

My baby girl! 

Ever since Ella and I went on our Girls Trip to Spokane we have had the best time together. Ella and I can kind of feed off each other and get feisty, but I really feel like our relationship has moved to another level. I'm going to truly soak up this phase because I know how I was as a teenager and I need to start praying that Ella will not follow in my hormonal footsteps! 

Sweet Zeke boy! 

I feel like Zeke has grown a bit this summer. Not in height that's for sure, but just in his reasoning ability. Also he's getting a bit more sure of himself. I haven't actually seen him bite on his shirt collar or sleeves in months so hopefully his nervousness isn't so bad anymore either. 

Owen was the only kid that was NOT looking forward to school at all! 

But the rest of us were sure happy! 

Here's to a terrific school year!