Thursday, September 20, 2018

Family Fun Boat Day!

Earlier in the summer Pastor Andy had asked if my family would like to go on the boat. Ummm...yeah! The first date we planned it for was a Sunday, July 22nd. Unfortunately Michael ended up hurting his shoulder putting the trailer back in the garage after we got home from his family reunion. He could barely move so I knew there was no way he would enjoy bouncing around in a boat. I didn't want him to miss it so I asked Pastor Andy if we could reschedule. We planned on Sunday, August 5th, but then Pastor Andy realized that he had a meeting that night at his house and we wouldn't have enough time to have fun. Finally we planned it for Friday, August 17th and the third time was a charm. Michael took a half day off and we met him at Coulon Park in Renton. 

Pastor Andy knew he had a life jacket for Owen, but he was pretty sure he didn't have any for the smaller kids. I asked on FB and a friend let me borrow this jacket for Jack. 

We had the Spiderman one for Zeke. 

Another lady on FB let me have this one for Ella. 

Ready to have a fun day on the water with my man! It was truly a gorgeous day to be on the water. Pastor Andy said he had not seen Lake Washington that was like glass. 

He brought his tube so we could have some water fun! 

The kids were so funny....saying faster one minute and then slower the next. 

The weather report said it was only going to be in the low 70's, but it was amazing! 

Pastor Andy would get the boat going pretty good and then turn so the tube would go over the wake. Michael and I both got on the tube as well. 

I sat in the middle one time and Zeke sat between my legs. He was too far forward to actually be able to hold on so I just wrapped my legs around him and squeezed. The next time rode I was on the outside edge and and Michael was the on the opposite edge. Pastor really got going and it took all my strength not to go flying off. It was so much fun! 

Time to come in! 

After that of course the kids were all freezing! Hahaha....thank goodness Pastor had lots of blankets! Pastor showed us all sorts of different houses....where Bill Gates and Paul Allen live. Plus his favorite house on the water and a house that has a T-Rex skeleton in it!

Jackson wanted Pastor to go through the Montlake Cut over to Lake Union, but the funny thing is he ended up covering himself and laying down in the back of the boat and falling asleep! I wish I got a picture of him.

We got off down by Chandlers Crab House and used the restroom and then got back in the boat and headed to Coulon Park. 

I love this picture of Ella Bean....such a happy girl with sunshine on her face! 

On the way to Coulon Pastor got going a good speed and when we hit the water right it was like a roller coaster. Owen was LOVING it! He was hollering and cheering so much I thought he was going to lose his voice. It was so much fun and such a great experience for our whole family. 

Thanks Pastor Andy!!!