Thursday, September 13, 2018

Bremerton Ferry Ride!

The day after the ocean was basically a stay at Ga-Ga & Pa's kind of day. The out of town family did go up to SouthCenter mall with Pa as their chauffeur, but other than that it was quiet day for me and the kids. Michael did try to come down and join us for the day, but on his way he ran over a piece of metal and punctured his tire. He took it to Les Schwab to get it check out. Of course it was so busy because it was a Saturday. He ended up finding out that his other tires were bulging so he needed to get them all replaced. He was there for a couple hours. After that I told him to forget about coming down and to just go home and rest. Ugh! 

On Sunday, July 8th we got up and decided to drive to Bremerton and take the ferry. My cousin Mel rode with me and it was so nice to visit with her. 

Our first stop in Bremerton was quite funny. We wanted to get closer to the Aircraft Carriers so we drove up to the military entrance. Well that is not something you can do. They ended up having to look at my Dad's license and then he had to be escorted around the barrier so they could leave. Then it was my turn up to the entrance since I was right behind my dad. I figured he would have said that we were together, but the military guys didn't know that so they had to look up my license as well. They were a bit annoyed that we would even think that was okay. I think some clear signs could help since I'm sure we're not the only people to have tried to do that. I did feel bad though because after we turned around I could see the line to get in had gotten super long! 

After that we headed right for the ferry terminal. I love the Bremerton ferry terminal. There is a lot of fun stuff to do there. We parked in the garage, figured out how to pay and then we were in search of a place to eat. We chose Anthony's and it was so nice out we thought it would be fun to eat the kids could make more noise and we wouldn't feel like we were ruining other people's dining experiences. 

Of course for the kids it was too bright and too hot and too everything else. They were not super happy! To top it off the mac n' cheese was not Kraft mac n' cheese. It had *gasp* white cheese on it. Call the cops...this is outrageous! 

At least us grown ups were having a grand time! 

Mel and me! 

It was most definitely a day for iced tea. Keep it coming! 

After lunch we walked over to the Destroyer called the USS Turner Joy. Michael and I had taken the kids to the gift shop there the last time we were here, but we'd never taken the tour. 

The tour was quite expensive and I didn't want to spend that kind of money on all the kids when really the only one that would enjoy it would be Owen.

So Pa took Owen and Ga-Ga and I took the other 3 kiddos to have fun somewhere else. My Aunt and cousins also took the tour, but they were about 10 minutes ahead of Owen and Pa. 

I really love it when parents or grandparents can have a special one-on-one experience with a kiddo. I think this will be something that Owen will have fond memories of between just him and his Pa. 

Look at those sleeping thanks! 

That's a giant artillery round.

Such a beautiful day to be aboard a ship! 

Love this! 

Those chains are pretty big! 

In the control room! 

Checking out the sonar.

Not sure if this is true or just a movie thing, but whenever I see this I can hear....beep...beep as the line goes around and around the circle. 

The Mess! 

They had free coffee so that's what Owen is getting himself. 

The Galley! 

That's a huge mixer! 

Coming up! 

Model of the USS Turner Joy! 

I think these are pictures of the engine room. 

Pa's probably trying to see if he can get her running! ;) 

Owen is putting his hand on his heart for the American flag. 

For the men and women POW or MIA. We are so blessed to live in the country that we do where brave people fight for our freedom! 

Owen with his coffee in the Sickbay! 

Here are few stats for the USS Turner Joy...

Commissioned - 1959 
Class/Type - Forrest Sherman - Destroyer 
Entire Career was spent in the Pacific
Participated in the Vietnam War and the Gulf of Tonkin incident. 
Decommissioned - 1982
Donated to Bremerton Historic Ships Association - 1991

While they were all touring the USS Turner Joy, Ga-Ga and I took the other 3 kiddos to the other side of the ferry terminal to Harborside Fountain Park. 

The last time Michael and I took the kids to Bremerton we tried to take them to this park since it had just opened, but they were having an exclusive Wine Tasting event so we weren't allowed in. 

I didn't have a change of clothes for the kids so I told them to not get too wet! 

It was actually warm enough that they would dry if they got their clothes a little wet. Thankfully...because Zeke got his shorts pretty wet!!! 

Me and my girl! 

The park is fun because there are 5 maybe more of these fin type things sticking out. I think they are supposed to look like the first part of a submarine that shows when it comes out of the water. Every few minutes or so they shoot up a geyser of water in the air.

Then it crashes down. Right after it crashes down there is actually a few seconds where there is no water flowing so you can run up and touch the fin thing. The kids had fun doing that over and over. 

There were also giant rocks to climb on! 

More like conquer! 

I can't tell if Jack is trying to give Zeke bunny ears or if that's just leaves from the tree behind them poking up on top of Zeke's head. 

They are conquerors! 

When we first arrived I knew that I wanted us to take the 3pm ferry back to Seattle so we would arrive and have enough time to drive to our house where Michael would be making us dinner. We were separated into three groups aunt and cousins in one group, Pa and Owen in another and then Ga-Ga and I with the other kids. It was a bit stressful for a few minutes, but we ended up meeting back together, getting the vehicles, paying for the ferry and getting in line in time for the 3pm ferry. 


I can not even say this was hands down the most perfect day for a ferry ride! 

The sun felt so good! 

It was chilly once the boat got moving, but nothing a light coat couldn't solve. I ended up staying outside the entire ride. 

Ga-Ga took Zeke inside since he was of course...FREEZING! 

So much wind! 

Before Zeke headed in I did get this shot with the four of them. I absolutely love this picture of Ella. She was having to flip her hair out of the way since the wind kept making it cover her face.

That big beautiful mountain of ours! 

These pictures are so amazing, because just a few short weeks after this the smoke came down from Canada and you couldn't even see the mountain at all. It was awful! 

Alli & Ella just chilling out eating their snacks! 

Me and Caden! I had such fun with Caden and Colton this trip. They really are cool dudes! 

We passed another ferry on our way! 

I love panoramic shots! You'll have to click on it to see it better. 

Right after that ferry passed us we came out into the open water where there wasn't any land blocking us from the north....oh my the temperature did drop a bit then due to all that Canadian air. 

I love this shot of all the vacationing family! sure looks beautiful from afar! 

Again another panoramic shot! 

I will say it again this was hands down the best weather I've ever had on a ferry ride. This was for sure one of my favorite highlights from our whole summer!

After getting off the ferry we drove right to our house where Michael had dinner ready for us...tacos! We visited for a couple hours and then they headed back to Ga-Ga & Pa's and I stayed with the kids at our house for the night.