Wednesday, September 12, 2018

Ocean Shores!

On July 5th my Aunt Linda flew in with her cousin Melody and Mel's 3 kiddos...Colton, Caden & Alli. They were here on vacation for a week. That was the main reason I took so much time off from work...that and the fact that we were going to Oregon for Michael's family reunion the day my Aunt & Cousins flew back to Wyoming. 

They actually flew in late the night of the 5th so we didn't do anything that day other than put up the tent trailer. Of course Dad and I encountered issues, but thankfully after trouble shooting we figured it out. The kids and I slept out there so they could all sleep in the house. 

The next morning Pa suggested that we head out to Ocean Shores. 

Our first stop was for lunch at the Rusty Tractor in Elma. It's a fun restaurant that my parents usually stop at on their way out to the ocean. They didn't have a table big enough for us so all the kids minus the oldest (Colten) got to sit at the counter. Owen was in hog heaven because he got to man the remote for the TV. 

We did make one more stop and that was at Wal-Mart in Aberdeen. I didn't really think about how chilly it would be at the ocean so I wanted to stop and get the kids some warmer clothes. 

Jackson did have a sweatshirt with him, but he was in shorts so I bought him a pair of sweatpants with lightning bolts on them. They are super cool! 

Owen had a sweatshirt as well and I offered to buy him sweatpants, but he didn't want them. 

Alli Cat & Ella Bean

I got Ella these cute leggings and the only sweatshirt type coat I could find. At first she hated it, but then she figured out it had the little holes for her thumbs to go through and she was so excited. 

Zeke is usually the one freezing so I was most worried about him. He is the BIGGEST whiner when he's cold! I ended up buying him a sweatshirt / pant set that had dinosaurs on it. He did take the pants off, but he kept the sweatshirt on. The best part was there was no whining! 

This kids ended up wanting to spend more time on this big mound of sand then actually being down by the water. 

Such fun! 

Of course there was lots of jumping for the boys. 

And scavenging for the girls. 

It was July 6th and there was tons of debris from all the fireworks that people had shot off. The girls were using all the debris to decorate their castle they made. 

Cute dino boy! 

We ended up only being at the beach for around an hour. It was windy and we were meeting Aunt Stephie at a restaurant for dinner. Her parents have a vacation home out at the Ocean so the timing was perfect. After dinner we got back on the road headed for Ga-Ga & Pa's house.