Sunday, September 16, 2018

Hart's Gymnastics Camp!

Earlier in the year, I decided to sign each of the kids up for a summer camp. I signed Owen and Jack up for Baseball camp through the Des Moines Athletics Dept, but unfortunately there were only 4 kids that signed up so it got cancelled. I also sign Zeke up for what's call a Mini-Hawk camp through the Des Moines Athletics Dept as well, but I think his got all messed because of Owen's and Jack's camp getting cancelled. So none of the boys actually got to attend a summer camp. Next summer I'm going to make sure they each get to go to some kind of camp! 

I didn't see Ella wanting to do baseball, soccer or basketball so I went online and signed her up to do Gymnastic Camp at Hart's Gymnastics. The best thing about her camp was that it was 5 days a week from 8am - 3pm!! Plus it was only $150...not bad for how long it was! 


Here's what one side of the gym looks like when you walk it. It's huge!!! 

Ella had been talking about getting to go to camp and so of course Kendra and Lily wanted to come. Rachael actually knows one of the coaches that works there so they were able to get signed up at the last minute. 

This was the girls after the first day of camp. They were sweaty messes, but they had SO much fun! 

This was their energy level after camp though! :) 

I got there early most days so I was able to see them practicing their skills. 

Ella loves the turning bar at school so I'm sure this was one of her favorites! 

At the end of each camp day they would give out 3 medals. One for the person that learned a new skill, one for the person that was a good listener and the last one I can't remember. 

Lily and Kendra were only able to come to the first 3 days of the camp since they were going on vacation so it was great that they earned medals on their last day of camp. 

Good job girls! 

I can't remember what each of them earned theirs for, but they were super happy! 

This was Ella by the third day of camp! 7 hours of gymnastics a day will do that to you! 

On the last day of camp they had a performance so they invited all the parents to come. 

Ga-Ga and Pa had just gotten back from vacation, but they wouldn't miss it so they drove up to see Ella. 

Each of the girls had a routine for 3 different areas in the gym. This was Ella on the vault!

I love the way the leader announces all the girls and says, "You got this girls"! 

Ella also did a routine on the bars...mainly just flipping around once and then a floor routine. 

It was so cute watching her stop and think...trying so hard to remember what the next step was. There was a girl on the side that had to help quite a few of the girls remember their next steps. 

In the end all of the girls got a t-shirt as a gift, but it was for something specific to them. Ella got recognized for being the sweetest! Her teachers said that she had sweetest personality and never complained. It was sort of a participation award, but at least they made an effort to get to know the girls and compliment them on their strength.

Cute girl! 

She might not have gotten a metal, but her shirt has one on it! :) 

Owen was so proud of her! 

This was Ella's main coach! I'm don't remember her name, but she was so sweet and she loved Ella! 

After seeing how much Ella likes gymnastics I decided that we should sign her up for weekly classes. So starting in September she'll be going once a week. She is so excited!