Thursday, September 26, 2019

Back To School Bash!

We originally were planning on having our annual Back To School Bash on Sunday, September 1st. since school was starting on Tuesday, September 3rd My parents were having a BBQ at there house for Labor Day on Monday, September 2nd so we wouldn't have a chance the night before school started. Unfortunately I was feeling horrible because of my root canal pain. I wasn't having my retreat on it until Wednesday so eating wasn't even fun for me at that moment. I had basically been eating soup for the last few days. 

So we rescheduled to Thursday, September 5th. Michael and I had just recently taken the younger kids to Red Robin while the older boys were at Youth Group. We gave them the option of eating at Red Robin again or going to Black Bear Diner. 

They chose Black Bear Diner!!! 

They love getting pictures with the bears! 

Even my oldest! 

Us adults sat on one side of the table while the kids sat on the other side. 

It was nice to get to chat and the best part was I got to eat!!! I had my retreat for my root canal the day was still tender, but it was feeling much better. I did have to go back one more time the following week to finish it up. One thing we need to remember when we go to Black Bear Diner is to bring coats. It's freezing in there! 

Owen and his Pa!!! 

Each of the kids got their own kids meal so that meant they got ice cream for dessert. We have realized that Zeke honestly doesn't like ice cream. He picks at it a little and then he lets it melt into soup. 

Ella ate all her strawberries and then she was done! 


I ended up getting a chocolate malt's my favorite. It was a fun night to celebrate the start of another school year. I'm so proud of the kids and can't wait to see what new adventures they have this year at school!