Saturday, September 21, 2019

Mini Projects!

My next mini makeover involved spray paint! 

Red spray paint. 

I did have to go to War-Mart and buy a couple more cans to finish the project. 

Here's the view from the deck! 

Here's what I was working on. 

After staining the play structure I noticed how faded the windows looked and decided they needed to be freshened up. 

I love how it now looks like a Wilderness Lodge. 

Of course while I was screwing in the last window Ella came out on the deck and gasped with her mouth wide open. I was smiling thinking she loved the new look. That's when we said..."I liked it better when they were blue!". You can always count on kids to give you their opinion. The funny thing was they weren't even blue to begin with they were green. So she obviously didn't really pay attention to them before. I knew I could count on Jack loving them since his favorite color is red and sure enough he liked the new look! 

We also finished up this little fence section. I had painted it and then Michael mounted the hose on the fence. Prior to the home being completely resided we had the hose mounted on the house. It was super irritating when it came to pulling the hose out. I had to walk the length of the house. Now I can grab the hose and walk straight out into the yard. 

It feels so good to finish up these little leftover projects around the house.