Wednesday, September 18, 2019

Owen's 12 Year Old Pictures!

Just recently I noticed that my blog header was outdated. I usually only update my header once a year in June once Jack gets his birthday pictures taken. That is when I noticed that I never actually posted either Owen or Ella's birthday pictures for 2019!!! This has definitely been an off year for blogging. Better late then never right?!?!

Last year Owen had glasses on during this 11 year old pictures, but with his 12 year old glasses. That's because he lost them somewhere and he doesn't seem to think he needs them. He complained the whole time he had them that they didn't help and now that he doesn't have them he never complains about not being able to see. I don't think he "lost" them on purpose that's just not his personality, but putting things down and not remember where he put them is his personality. :) 

I figured if I notice him sitting extra close to the TV or squinting when he's reading or playing on the computer then I'll take him in and get his eyes tested. 

Cute boy has just sprouted up! He used to fit right under my chin and I could lay my head on his head. Now he's not that much shorter than me. It's only a matter of time and he'll surpass me!